5 Diners with Witty Names
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5 Diners with Witty Names

Charlene Lamigo and Jovirose Miranda

November 25, 2015


    Food hubs got new trends today on how to grab the spotlight.

    Here are some restos that tickle both our stomachs and craziness.


    1. FOODEVER 21

    Who says that only clothes can be fashionable?

    You’ll be close to not wanting to eat their menu ; one, because some of the combinations are weird; two, the expensive feels are there!

    Foodever21 offers unusual dish combinations like Mangifera: it’s a quarter pounder home-made patty with mango jam, lettuce, tomato, home-made creamy cheese and dried mango on top. Weird? Yes, it is.

    And there’s more! Because Fooedver21 offers Choco Loco or a burger with chocolate. What’s surprising is the customers love it!

    This food corner is at 190A 21st Avenue, East Rembo, Comembo, Makati City.



    If you’re into finger and grab-and-go munchies you’re making a good choice with Nacho Fast.

    Nacho Fast is available at Araneta Center, Cubao and Eastwood Citywalk. It is not only famous for its nachos but also with its corndog and chili cheese fries. This food corner is perfect for movie goers and snack buddies!


    3. GARAHE

    No, you’re not just going to park your car here but eat burgers and burrito! For as low as 35 to 100 pesos, you can now enjoy their specialties such as chili con carne burger, chicken enchiladas and other American dishes!

    Let their food take you to the other side of the world without going an extra mile.

    Classy but not pricey! Garahe is located at 7 San Jose Street, Hulo, Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City.



    This is the perfect place that you can afford!

    Ken Afford is located at Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge, Quezon City. Prices range from 100-150pesos! Ken Afford is best known for its fruit shakes and Beef Salpicao.

    Ken Afford is recommended by students and practical foodies due to its low-cost dishes.



    Tarapumwesto is a Tapa House at Noveleta, Cavite. This food hub offer Pinoy breakfast dishes which are served on a pan or kawali.

    If you’re form North, going to this food hub might be a struggle but many says that the experience is worth it!

    The trend on food now is not solely on taste but also on how restos present their product to their customers. It’s not just the satisfaction of bellies but also the experience.



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