3 cooking mistakes that you should avoid
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3 cooking mistakes that you should avoid

Mitzi Santos

November 30, 2021


    Avoid these kitchen mistakes to keep your food healthy.

    Cooking delicious foods is one thing but cooking them the right way is another. Things might get a little exciting in the kitchen that you forget to avoid these mistakes that can put your nutrition intake at risk!

    Rinsing raw chicken

    Rinsing our ingredients has been a part of our food preparation but did you know that it is an outdated advice and is a safety hazard?

    Running poultry under the tap water cleanses it but it also has the tendency to transfer all the bacteria around the kitchen. According to studies, “Droplets can spread from your hands to countertops and even on the floor.”

    To be safe, always make sure that you clean your hands after rinsing the raw meat.

    Peeling the skin from your produce

    Peeling the skin from your produce might get rid of the important layers of nutrients that you are supposed to be getting.

    For example, a skin of a potato contains more antioxidants than the flesh. By peeling the skin, you are already eliminating a large amount of antioxidant that you were supposed to be getting.

    Other fruits and vegetables contain insoluble fibre that you need in digestion.

    So instead of peeling the fruits and vegetables, if possible, consume the skin as well to get all the nutrients your produce offer.

    Boiling your veggies

    Did you know that boiling your veggies takes away water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C and folate? Not unless you are making a soup, then it is perfectly fine to boil your veggies because these nutrients will leach out and mix with the soup.


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