3 best ways to make food last longer
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3 best ways to make food last longer

Cai Camua

April 6, 2020

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    Cleaning your refrigerator is a big help for keeping your unconsumed food to stay fresh, but this can be a bit tasky to do especially when you work at home while you take care of your children. Who would have thought that there were some easy natural ways to preserve food without cleaning your storage place regularly?

    Proper separation and placement of natural ingredients can make your food last longer, for even a month! Yes, you read that right!


    1. Putting lemon or lime

    A study found that lemon and limes are great producers of ascorbic acid which helps to prevent several known diseases. Good thing these are also good in preserving all your plant-based food; one of the best examples is salad. Also, these can also help your stored vegetables from browning.

    icePhoto by Nicepng
    2. Power of ice
    Freezing delays rotting and keeps food safe by preventing microorganisms from growing, which causes your food to spoil. So, question, if your bread at home turns dry or hard, you would throw it, right? However, did you know that ice cubes can still revive it? By running an ice cube on the bread then re-heating it, you can recover the softness of the bread.
    broccoli Photo by Birds Eye
    3. Foiling

    Keeping your leafy vegetables in a container with a paper towel is one good way of storing them, but covering it with foil is way better for it absorbs the coldness of your refrigerator, helping your vegetables stay fresh even for a month.

    Additional tip, separate the banana from other fruits to prevent browning of the skin up to the fruit flesh. There are more ways of preventing food from rotting like: wrapping the roots, soaking it with water and vinegar, and leaving the roots in the water known as the bouquet method.

    Fix your storage now!


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