The 'Hugot Songs' of the funny guy, Lewis Capaldi


The ‘Hugot Songs’ of the funny guy, Lewis Capaldi

August 21, 2020

  • If you were to make a song? What is the inspiration behind it? Is it because of a successful relationship with your significant other? Is it because of a heart break? Or a misfortune? We all have that momentous story that are sometimes converted into a worthy song.

    And the Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi is not diverse from those composers who let their feelings shown and be heard through songs. His songs such as “Someone You Loved” and “Before You Go” are instances of those ‘hugot’ songs he has.

    In a virtual press conference last August 18, 2020, Capaldi told the press that it feels weird when he learns of the talks that people cling so much to his songs.

    In fact, his single “Someone You Loved,” from the album “Divinely Uninspired to A Hellish Extent,” had shattered the records in Europe by reaching the #1 spot on United Kingdom charts. This song has already re-entered into Spotify’s Top 50, hitting its #18 spot, and now charting over 25 countries across the globe, including the Philippines. The song also ranked in the Apple Music’s Top 200 in over 70 countries and over 100 territories in Shazam. Its music video, who was starred by a distant cousin of Lewis, Peter Capaldi, has amassed over 109 million views as of this writing.

    His new track entitled “Hold Me While You Wait,” racked over a million global streams on Spotify in the first 24 hours of its release.

    Another from the “Divinely Uninspired” album is “Before You Go” track that was released in November 2019. It has reached #1 spot on the Irish Singles Chart in January 2020, Capaldi’s second char topper in the UK and third in Ireland. He confessed that it was “his most personal tune.”

    Lewis Capaldi released “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent,” the wildly successful debut album that turned him into pop’s reigning prince of heartbreak and despair, indeed of a ‘hugot’ album. He wrote songs out of his sad experiences, a way he is coping with heartbreaks.

    Capaldi has begun his career when was 11 when he started playing pubs around Edinburgh and Glasgow. “I’ve always been drawn to someone standing with a guitar, singing a song they wrote. My first gig was me sitting with a guitar, and now you can see me standing with a guitar at an arena. Maybe all that’s showing is I haven’t evolved since I was 11,” he said.

    During the interview, Capaldi confessed that few weeks of the lockdown, he was doing lot of nothing, sometimes doing music and yoga.


    But he was heightened by the fact that his parents are going out of the house day by day because they are essential workers: his father works in food distribution and his mother is a nurse. “Obviously you worry for them going out, but it’s just that thing of like, you have to. My mum has to do it, and that’s her view of it: ‘This is my job and this is what I do.’ I think if she was more panicked, or my dad was, I probably would be a bit more worried, but their demeanor has been quite reassuring to me.”

     Lewis Capaldi hopes to see his Filipino fans when the COVID-19 pandemic is done. He wishes everyone’s safety and good health.



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