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The Carpenters is indeed on top of the world

July 24, 2020


    Photo Credit: The Carpenters 1969 Instagram

    They are not literal carpenters, but one thing is for sure, their songs have built designs of your love life until now.

    Who would have forgotten the sweet songs “Close to You,” “I Won’t Last a Day Without You,” “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “Goodbye to Love,” and “Yesterday Once More?”

    Richard and Karen Carpenter grew with their parents, Harold and Agnes, in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Their father was an avid record collector. In 1963, they transferred to Downey, California. There, Karen fell in love with drums and Richard found her sister’s voice fascinating. By the late 1960s, they became a duo, The Carpenters.

    It is always a trademark sound of combination of Richard’s multi-layered production and Karen’s timeless voice, The Carpenters had set a new standard for melodic pop in the middle of 20th century music.

    They became the top-selling American artists of the 1970s after the public’s attention was caught in immediately. In a Rolling Stone article in 2017, it was said that Richard and Karen’s work “has been a gradual reassessment and celebration of Karen’s extraordinary contralto and The Carpenters’ catalog.”

     They enjoyed so much of success and indeed, they were on top of the world those years. They signed on a record label on 1969. After that, they have released their first album titled “Offering” which was soon retitled “Ticket to Ride.” They also won a Grammy Award and an American Music Award. The duo had also performed more than 800 concerts.

    Richard went into hiatus that brought Karen to work in New York. With that, they have made the album titled “Made in America” released in 1981. Two years after, Karen died of complications of anorexia nervosa. Richard continued those complete collections of Carpenters that were never released on albums.

    In 2018 Richard started working on the ‘Carpenters with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’ (RPO). He composed new overtures and interludes, also fresh orchestral arrangements for the original Carpenters’ records.

    It has been 50 years that The Carpenters remain among those bestselling legacy acts in the world.


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