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Ben&Ben in creating songs of hope, love, and positivity

August 2, 2019


    If you are a fan of heartfelt lyrics, unique musicality, and electric vibe on stage, then Ben&Ben is your go-to band.

    This award-winning nine-piece band was established as 2017’s breakout band. They are keen to bringing richness to the music they create through songs of hope, love, and positivity.

    Composed of twin brothers Paolo and Miguel Benjamin on acoustic guitars and vocals, Agnes Reoma on bass, Poch Barretto on electric guitar, Keifer Cabugao on violin, Pat Lasaten on keyboards, Toni Muñoz on percussions, and Jam Villanueva on drums.

    Ben&Ben describe themselves as a fellowship. They are stuck with each other, so they sometimes like to call themselves “famband.”

    The band merged folk music with pop which can be very evident with their hit songs “Kathang Isip,” Leaves,” Ride Home,” and “Maybe the Night.”

    Their hits have been making waves across the Philippines making them one of the leading bands of their generation providing electrifying shows to their audience comprised of different ages.

    In just a year band already reached 95 million streams and two million monthly listeners on Spotify.

    Last May, the band released their album “Limasawa Street.” According to Paolo Guico, they wanted the album to represent a place of light by singing hopeful perspectives in troubled situations.

    The band is currently promoting two of their hits in the album “Limasawa Street” titled “Pagtingin” and “Araw-araw.”

    “Pagtingin” is a laid-back, soul-infused folk-pop track that sings about the uncertainty that comes with baring your feelings for someone else. It lays open through steady rhythms, gospel-style harmonies and playful violin, piano and electric guitar lines a familiar feeling that most of us go through but rarely talk about.

    While “Araw-araw” is a Filipino word which means everyday. It is a modern-day ballad that lays down the flow starting from a chance encounter with someone, leading to loving commitment to the that person. It tells that through chilling harmonies and calming melodies and instrumentations that give a feeling of longing and assurance.

    You can stream the digital album on Spotify.


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