Top 12 finalists stand out in the Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2021 Evening Gown Competition and Q&A
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Top 12 finalists stand out in the Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2021 Evening Gown Competition and Q&A

October 03, 2021

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    The Top 12 finalists have sashayed their evening gowns and fiercely answered questions from judges on the last competition leg of Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2021 – Evening Competition and Q&A last October 2, Saturday.

    Angelie Gabrielle Estrada of Puerto Princesa City wore a Robert Gonzales’ body-fitted gown made up of a skin tone power net covered with red applique and accentuated by swarovski crystals, with shiny and glittery embellishment. From Iloilo City, Coleen Beatrix Alcarde’s gown is inspired by the Iloilo river- clean and thriving. The drape pattern is manipulated to imitate the continuous wave pattern of the river and the one-shoulder design, teal blue, high-slit gown with ample crystals and swarovski is a masterpiece to emphasize the character of an Ilongga.



    The pride of Zamboanga City, Sharmaine dela Cruz, presented her gown which was made by Paul Espinosa who brought soft lace and embroidered, embellished with crystal beads and stones, giving birth to this regal masterpiece. Keith Arboleda from Echague, Isabela a gown designed by Jepang Go. The gown was inspired with the town’s lands with vast corn fields with its green and yellow colors signifying harvest-ready corn, the golden yellow stones that signify the rays of the sun, that will shine bright, and bring joy and hope to every Filipinos.



    From Malay, Aklan, Shealtel Kyle Cahilig introduced a Eugene Flores floor-length gown, intricately made by hand, embodies the rich land of Malay, its pristine waters, and frothy foamy waves. Jayvee Lyn Lorejo from Mawab, Davao de Oro wore a Jomer Pacardo vibrant sequined red gown that represents the color of passion, representing the queenly fire that Jayvee possesses as well as her love for her province.



    The candidate from San Manuel Isabela, Vjie Matias wore a gown made by Lui Gascon who matched the gown with the candidates Malay beauty. The designer created a figure-delineating silhouette with an asymmetric shoulder, embroidered lines of the lace were traced with ivory and silver glass beads and included ostrich feathers. Shanyl Kayle Hofer of Minglanilla, Cebu wore a long-trailed royal blue gown with corset petal inspiration to show off more skin. The extensions of trails at the back of the gown make it more fascinating. Shanyl’s gown color stands for royalty.



    From Iligan City, Jeramie Mingo flounced a gown designed by Dayan Monique. The sparkling gold sequins highlight the cloth and emphasize the classy tone of Jeramie, as well as the richness of the city—culture, tourism, and the people. The candidate from Pangasinan province, Chynna Kaye Verosil’s gown was inspired by what her province is known for – rock salt which embroidery and embellishments were signified.



    Cherry May Regalado of Kalibo, Aklan pranced a gown inspired by the Sr. Santo Niño de Kalibo in his accustomed cape in gold and red. Gold symbolizes the veneration of the Kalibonhons while the red embellishments symbolize the power, passion, and courage toward religious fervor. From Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte, Krysti Ann Villarias wore Klevin Bartolaba creation inspired by the royal blue color that represents Nuestra Señora Dr Candelaria with a feature of a modern corset to accentuate Krysti Ann’s figure and capture the femininity and power that every Cabadbaranon woman holds.



    The competition was made more intensified by the question-and-answer portion. The panel of judges took care of the questions and the candidates were given a minute to answer each question. Here is the full transcript of the Q&A:


    Question from NORMAN TINIO: How can young people like you turn the pandemic into something positive?

    ANGELI ESTRADA: Thank you for that wonderful question, Sir Norman. I would say that we should start from ourselves, being self-disciplined and follow the health protocols of our government to prevent any spread of virus and most of all stay connected with our loved ones.


     Question from PATRISHA ASHLEY CAYUCA: Women are capable and competent leaders like men. What is your view on that statement and why?

    COLEEN BEATRIX ALCARDE: Honestly, the women are taking over the world right now. And as Beyonce said, who run the world, girls? Because our advantage in that stance is we have the compassionate hearts as a woman to view things on a more emotional aspect. Yes, it might be an advantage to be more rational at times but it is also important to look out for the strength of a nation, which is its people. That is the primary source of our independence, so we have to value also how the people looked up to us. So this is the advantage of having a woman who’s leading a nation or in any organizations, so I agree to that movement and I am a part that movement. For I am a queen for nation building.


     Question from ALLEN YOTOKO: Given your traits, talent, or skills, how can you best serve your municipality or region?

    SHARMAINE DELA CRUZ: Given my talents and traits, I can best serve my community if given a chance to be as the Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2021. Because I’m bringing with me my advocacy the education for the indigenous people. And as an educator I would love to encourage people to engage in educating, providing educational needs, and to secure a shelter for these children. Because I believe these indigenous tribes should pursue their dreams and I want to be of help in lifting their mind and spirits.


     Question from ABBYGALE ARENAS DE LEON: If I were a tourist visiting your town for the first time, where would you take me to see or experience, and why?

     KEITH ARBOLEDA: Echague is very blessed with wonderful and beautiful natural spots that we are proud of. Particularly, the Calabaguin Falls, the Dipaniong Cave, Dissu-or Lagoon, and the Ilagan River. I am sure you will enjoy it Ma’am. And these wonderful gifts from God are very taken care of and nurtured and maintained by the Echaguenos which are the Yogad people and I believe that we should take care of it for it is our home and we are the shepherds of God’s creation.


     Question from DEO MACALMA: Philippines just won its first Olympic gold medal in weightlifting none other than by Hidilyn Diaz amidst a global pandemic. What do you think is the message of this historic victory?

    SHEALTEL KYLE CAHILIG: Well, it proves that we women, we can be weightlifters, we can be leaders, we can be boxers, and we can do anything we want. And we are capable to anything what we pursue are because we are women, and that is what we should actually prove to our society. Well, I guess, we don’t have to prove it anymore because our women in today’s society, they proved it already. And I am her standing as an empowered woman with that. And together, I will empower my fellow women to be the same. Thank you so much.

    SET 1


     Question from NORMAN TINIO: Between Derek Ramsey, Gerald Anderson, Paolo Contis, Aljur Abrenica, and John Lloyd Cruz, who would you prefer to be courted by and why?

    JAYVEE LYN LOREJO: That is a very interesting question. But for me, I will be choosing Gerald Anderson. Because when I was a kid, I have a big crush of Gerald Anderson but with the story that he has, I will be still happy that he chooses me, and he wants to court me. But if he does something else that would break my heart, I should leave him and most stay for long with him because I don’t want to stay be broken for the rest of my life. That would be all, thank you.


     Question from PATRISHA ASHLEY CAYUCA: What is your concept of happiness?

    VJIE MATIAS: My concept of happiness is not just about having the luxury things. My concept of happiness is not just about being successful in life but also being contented on what you have and what you will have in the future. The concept of happiness for me is when you are helping others without expecting anything in return, because that represents kindness. And kindness itself is a luxury thing, and that is not monetary. That’s all, thank you.


     Question from ALLEN YOTOKO: What one pageant tip will you tell a young aspiring beauty queen?

    SHANYL KAYLE HOFER: In all the pageants that I’ve joined, there is only one thing that I’ve learned about. It’s about being you and being your true self. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else, ‘cause what they’re looking for is authenticity, and that is somewhat a very important thing is to be able to reach the people you want to reach and to help people that wants to be helped and I think from all the lessons that I’ve learned, I also would like to say that beauty pageants is not just all glitz and glamour, it’s all about what we can do to help our community. Thank you.


     Question from ABBYGALE ARENAS DE LEON: What bothers you most about what’s happening in the world today?

    JERAMIE MINGO: One thing bothers me most happening in our country today is poverty. And as a youth, all I can say that as a teacher I can help eradicate poverty in our country. A teacher is not just imparting knowledge about the importance of imparting knowledge to the students but also to teach them the value of culture. I am an Iliganon and surrounded by Badjao, they are the man of the seas and are marginalized to the city but after all, all I can say is that, I want to educate the people that this education is very important especially to the young ones. Because education is one of the reason or the problem we are facing right now. But All I can say that, these small ways can create big change to help eradicate the poverty in our country because teaching is not just imparting knowledge but inspiring change and it will create the change by start in myself. Thank you.


     Question from DEO MACALMA: How do you handle peer pressure?

    CHYNNA KAYE VEROSIL: I believe that in these times of pandemic, we are all using our times in social media, and in this social media we always see peer pressure, and we always see criticisms, and other negativities which causes stress, depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies towards us which causes death to hundreds of thousands of people. But then, I do believe that with my own strength, with my uniqueness and with my own capabilities I know that I can do best, and I don’t need to please other people because with myself I know that I can be a great influence and I can impact the lives other people, and I can empower other youth as well. Thank you.


     Question from NORMAN TINIO: How will you advocate responsible use of social media platforms?

    CHERRY MAY REGALADO: As an individual representing our country in different international competitions and also as the ambassadress of my municipality. I feel responsible to suffice the need and support of our community, wherein as well I need to address the youth the proper use of social media that not everything should be posted and not everything should be absorbed. We should know the things that we need to inculcate in the minds of the youth and you should be a responsible user of social media if you wanted to inspire other people. We wanted to live in a world wherein there is peace and happiness and we wanted to provide the good information wherein everybody will benefit from it. Thank you!


     Question from PATRISHA ASHLEY CAYUCA: Do you think social media should be used to flaunt wealth or air dirty linen?

    KRYSTI ANN VILLARIAS: I believe that social media should be used in a good influence and when we use social media, we have to stand, we have to take a stand on what we believe in and if we take our stand, we can speak up, we are enabled to speak up in everything that is good for the community, for the netizens, for the social media. And when we speak up, people will listen to everything that we say and then if they listen, they will do something about it. And speaking up isn’t just about speaking up, it is also asking for the accountability for the sake and welfare of not just myself, not just to the social media but for the whole humanity. That’s all, thank you.

    SET 2

    Are you excited to know who would be the next Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen? Check that out this Saturday, October 9, at the Awarding and Coronation Night!

    All the competition segments and the coronation night will be aired over DZRH News Television, and all social media platforms of MBC: DZRH, Love Radio, Yes The Best, Easy Rock, Aksyon Radyo, and Radyo Natin.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen is presented by Unique toothpaste, Charm fabric conditioner, White Rose Papaya whitening soap, TNT, Palmolive Naturals Ultra Smooth, Alfonso Light Brandy, and Shopee.

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