Jannarie Zarzoso shares her inspiring psoriasis story in AFDQ Talks
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Jannarie Zarzoso shares her inspiring psoriasis story in AFDQ Talks

August 19, 2021

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    Have you ever been in a bad situation where you had to constantly ask yourself, “What have I done to deserve this? Why me?” Well, that must have been the same question Jannarie Zarzoso asked herself back when she first got psoriasis. In the latest episode of AFDQ Talks, Jannarie Zarzoso shared her experience and how she got through the physical and emotional pains of having psoriasis.

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that makes a person’s skin build up into red, scaly, and bumpy patches. As mentioned earlier, this disease does not only give physical pain to a person, more so, it attacks the mental state of the one infected and that is what exactly happened to Jannarie.

    Aside from her skin, her mental state was the one affected the most. She mentioned how she would cry herself to sleep so she doesn’t have to feel the physical and emotional pain of having the disease anymore. She intentionally pushed people away because she doesn’t want to see her family hurting because of her condition. She, then, would often feel alone, but having her family around was the least of what she wanted. Then, her turning point came. She had a fight with her dad because she felt that it was all too much for her to handle then, she realized that it wasn’t the disease that’s hurting her family; it was her. It was her high walls that hurt her family the most. After that, she slowly opened herself to them and found herself finally getting back up after hitting the rock bottom.

    She then engaged herself in the psoriasis community and started to draw her strength from her fellow psoriasis warrior. Eventually, the question “Why me?” has finally been answered as she saw her purpose in a clearer picture. She started to raise awareness and be the voice of all the people fighting psoriasis. She learned to love herself and let other people love her. She made her way up, and she’s not letting anyone put her down. She allowed herself to be an inspiration to all the people affected by the disease, especially those who are in the same situation she’s been through.

    Watch AFDQ Talks episode 5 with Jannarie Zarzoso: Psoriasis Awareness HERE.


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