Jannarie Zarzoso shares Cabadbaranon’s must-try, the Squash Pancit Canton and Puto and Sikwate!
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Jannarie Zarzoso shares Cabadbaranon’s must-try, the Squash Pancit Canton and Puto and Sikwate!

August 07, 2021

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    Have you ever heard of a noodle made of squash? Yes, you got it right! Pancit Canton made from squash! Interesting, right? Well, our Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020, Jannarie Zarzoso, is here to prove to us that Squash Pancit Canton is a real thing! Brace yourselves because Jannarie will make you crave Cabadbaran’s best as she gives us a little background about the famous Pancit De Cabadbaran and how it all started.

    Jannarie first brought us to Marcy’s Eatery, located inside Painitan sa Cabadbaran in Cabadbaran City Public Market. And there, Jannarie also had a chance to get to know the owner of Calinga Paitan, Tita Calinga who is well known for her puto and sikwate – a must-try breakfast combination in Cabadbaran.


    Then, she met Ate Arlene who shared with Jannarie how she cooks the best-selling Pancit in Cabadbaran City. Not only that she shared how it is done, but she also let Jannarie cook it for herself!



    But how did the Cabadbaranons discover that they can make pancit out of squash?

    To answer that question, Jannarie took us to the Pancit Canton Plantation headed by Kagawad Leoreen Caila. She shared the reason behind how the plantation of the Squash Noodle started, and you’ll be amazed to know that it all started when the low market demand caused the decrease of sales of squash in their town. Who would have thought that an unfortunate event would eventually result in something they would be proud of?

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    Aside from that, our Jannarie also had a first-hand experience of making the squash noodle from scratch. So, the next time you visit this place, make sure to try their Pancit De Cabadbaran, and who knows? You might be able to see our Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen roaming around Cabadbaran.


    Indeed, it was one unforgettable experience, and Jannarie is very happy to share this experience with us as she believes that the best way to know the place is to visit it, but the best way to know the people is to try their food. Well, then, it was a pleasure virtually meeting you, Cabadbaranons!


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