Jannarie Zarzoso raises mental health awareness on 6th episode of AFDQ Talks
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Jannarie Zarzoso raises mental health awareness on 6th episode of AFDQ Talks

September 10, 2021

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    Jannarie Zarzoso returns to another episode of AFDQ Talks to discuss one of the most neglected topic, mental health. The beauty queen also tackled how it affects the people experiencing it and how we can help them get through it.

    Mental health, according to Jannarie, is still misunderstood up to these days. Some people think of it as an excuse or something that a person does to get sympathy or put up a show. Mental health problems are no joke. They are real, and we should take them seriously.

    It’s not enough that we only acknowledge the reality of this issue and do something about it. After all, it won’t hurt to be there for the people who are experiencing it, instead, it would be of great help to them. Some may not understand, but it pays to make them feel that what they are going through is valid, and we are with them as they go through it. Reach out to your friends, let them know that they are heard.

    Jannarie shared on how we can help these people in our little ways. One of which is to be patient with them and encourage them to seek help. Second, have the courage to talk about it. Remember, not every happy face has a happy heart. Sometimes, you just need to ask and make them feel that what they are feeling is valid. Lastly, try not to blame them for feeling that way. It’s not their fault if they are going through anxiety or depression. Put the blame out of the picture and focus instead on how you can assure them that you are with them, and everything will be okay.

    And to you who are currently facing mental health issues, please know that nothing is wrong with how you feel. Keep in mind that this is only a phase. With the help of the right people, you will survive this and be a better version of yourself. Always keep in mind that many people are willing to give a part of themselves to talk, listen and make you feel loved.

    As Jannarie ends her talk, she calls for everyone to join us in ending the stigma against mental health. Spread love and save lives by being kind, understanding, and respectful. Remember someone today and know that your actions can make or break that person. Be the one who chooses the right decision every day.

    Watch AFDQ Talks episode 6 with Jannarie Zarzoso: Mental Health HERE.


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