Jannarie Zarzoso equates feeling of irrelevance to local business on latest episode of AFDQ Talks
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Jannarie Zarzoso equates feeling of irrelevance to local business on latest episode of AFDQ Talks

May 15, 2021

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    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2020 winner returns for the second episode of AFDQ Talks. Last time, she was able to tackle women empowerment. For this episode, our reigning queen talked about the local businesses and how small things and a little support are of great help to them.

    Jannarie started the show with something that most people can relate to nowadays; the feeling of being irrelevant. She pointed out that sometimes, people tend to feel unappreciated and unimportant.

    “Find a buddy.”

    She encouraged everyone to find their buddy. “Find someone who shares the same feeling and give that someone just the encouragement and support you think you need,” she said. “That way, you have already hit two birds with one stone: you help other people and yourself as well,” Jannarie added.

    She then compared this scenario to the current situation of the local businesses in today’s time. In a world full of large corporations and powerful business tycoons, there are also plenty of small and local businessmen who are in high hopes of having their place in this field. But how can a local establishment compete with the whales and sharks of the industry?

    What these local businesses need is a support system. They need you. Imagine how much they are willing to give to make this work. Considering the sacrifices that they’ve made so that they could put up these businesses.

    What they need is your support. It does not matter how small or big it is. In the words of Jannarie, “if we just think that every small action we do impact a very big cause, in the long run, we can actually make this world better.” What matters the most is how you show that what they do makes sense. And that is more than enough to make them feel that all their sacrifices are worth it.

    Jannarie wrapped up her talk by encouraging the people to make a move of exempting others from the pain that they once felt. Save the businessmen. Save the locals. Believe in them because you know how much you wanted that for yourself too. Save Juan and Juana dela Cruz.”

    Watch AFDQ Talks Episode 2: Support Local HERE.


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