Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2022 Top 12 Finalists dazzles in Evening Gown competition and Q & A


Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2022 Top 12 Finalists dazzles in Evening Gown competition and Q & A

November 03, 2022

  • Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    The Top 12 candidates of Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2022 treated the audience to a fashion display celebrating Filipino design talent through the Evening Gown competition and Question & Answer portion.

    Hosted by Love Radio Manila’s DJ Raqi Terra and Easy Rock Manila’s DJ Nick, this is the last leg of the competition where the candidates get to strut in their evening gowns and answer questions given by the panel of judges.

    Inspired by the Pearl of the Orient, Sophia Noreen Guillermo from the Province of Ilocos Norte wore an Alexis Pasion Montano piece curated to showcase a modern take on corsetry. The beaded white pearls sheer gown has a callado pattern with blue velvet sleeves which displays an immaculate beauty. 

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    The ray of light or banaag is a great symbol of hope that is reflected on this silver and gold architectural and meticulously designed gown by Leo Sanchez. Through this, Nadine Faith McCoy of Cebu City imposes that despite all the adversities that are happening around the globe, there is still a gleam of light coming.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    Dana Gabrielle Tautho’s gown is inspired by the Queen of the Philippine Flowers, the Waling-waling. The beauty of the Waling-waling put forth symbolizes the elegance and abundance of Davao City. Hence it is recognized  to be the rarest, most beautiful, and most valuable orchid in the Philippines. Like  this gown, it conceptualizes the regalness of the Waling-waling. 

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    Designer Barbie Baldon is behind Kristell Candice Pagdagdan’s fresh green colored gown embellished with tantalizing green gems and crystalline beadwork. This represents the beauty of Daragang Magayon, the heroine that appears in the legend of Mt. Mayon in Albay. 

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    Jeaven Iyl Musni from Bacolod City donned a silver gray silhouette body-shaping Serpentina gown adorned with silver rhinestones and semi-precious stones. The lace applique is intricately done with cut beads and glass beads by the designer, Arielle Apoyon.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    The creation symbolizes the sky, which is clear, sheer and blue, making Jackelaine Fleming a celestial sky deity. It is said to also depict the Cebuana aspirant as she moves toward the horizon, speaking to her journey and goals.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    Described as a true color of a queen, King Aranchado designed a blue-glittered gown for Martina Mikael De La Rama of Buenavista, Agusan Del Norte. The color blue has always been associated with the sky and ocean to induce calm and convey serenity and peace. The style and the cut of the gown instills confidence, and inspires feelings of loyalty, integrity and responsibility. These are the aspects of a queen who will continue to shine, inspire and give voice for her community.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    True to her name – Marikit Manaois, this pink creation by Jem’s Gown Collection radiates and accentuates the pureness and the essence of a woman. The Baguio City contender glided with confidence and poise knowing that it is her uniqueness, and that of every woman that makes her truly beautiful.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    Thañamae Cahilig of Labangon, Cebu City sported a floor-length fitted masterpiece reminiscent of contemporary femininity. Decorated with pure stone crystals in vibrant colors which expresses a modern look with revealing sheer patterns of panels.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    Dressed in a Minokawa-inspired gown by Jomer Pacardo, Nikki Shannen Ortega intends to inspire a new generation of Filipino designers to create more designs about the culture and history of the Philippines. In Philippine mythology, a Minokawa is a giant, dragon-like creature believed to swallow the sun and cause eclipses. Couture and vividly colored in couture orange, it has sapphire-like blue eyes that shine.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    Kassandra Avena’s serpentina gown is a work of art that symbolizes simplicity and purity. Its intricate bead and shell designs are meant to resemble the finest Caramoan white sand beaches. This creation is also a product of Bicolanos’ perseverance, strength, and grace. The design conveys the virtue of courage, which is rooted among Bicolanos.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen

    After sashaying in their evening gowns, the candidates also made sure to leave a mark during the question and answer portion. Here’s how they fared:

    Sophia Noreen Guillermo, Province of Ilocos Norte

    Do you think that bearing a child is the true essence of being a woman?

    “I believe that a woman isn’t entitled to the expectations of the public or of everyone. We have our own decisions to make and as women, we are here to prove that we are not just pretty faces. We are not [just here] because of our bodies, but we are here to also be a part of the community and do better things. And bearing a child, I believe, is not something that we have to go through, you know?”

    Nadine Faith McCoy, Cebu City

    Recently, there’s an opinion that Filipinos are more supportive of foreign entertainment, such as Korean dramas, over our own shows. Do you think this is true and why?

    “I think that supporting foreign dramas is not something that we should not be proud of because the problem in our Philippines is that we despite of supporting others in order to see [ourselves] as someone who’s bigger. But in reality, we have to support each other including those foreign programs so that we can also be supported by them.” 

    Dana Gabrielle Tautho, Davao City

    In beauty pageants, if there is one special award that needs to be given more attention or weight, what would it be and why?

    “Since Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen is looking for a girl who is a queen for a cause. For me, there should be more importance on their advocacy because it is the essence of being a beauty queen — being the voice of the voiceless and being a queen for a cause. And in my opinion, as a person who is leaning towards the environment, I would like to share [with] the people that environmental protection is very important.” 

    Kristell Candice Pagdagdagan, Guinobatan, Albay

    Do you think transgenders should be allowed to compete in pageants for women? Why or why not?

    “Well, I believe that transgenders are the most important — one of the most important people in our lives because they are giving us entertainment, happiness, and so much purpose. And I believe that they have their own platform too and it [has] never been a problem to allow transgender to join in our community because I believe that the essence of pageant is for us to share our purpose.”

    Jeaven Iyl Musni, Bacolod City

    Do you think volunteerism helps the government in fulfilling its mandate to the people?

    “I think, yes, because volunteers are an integral part of any society. They are the factor of national power which can lead our nation to heights of glory and prosperity, so let us not underestimate those volunteers because their influence can create a macro effect not only in the society but in the entire world as well.”

    Jackelaine Fleming, Cebu City

    Does being dependent on technology — like our cell phones — a good thing or a bad thing?

    “No, we should not be reliant on our gadgets. Why? Because I feel like when we are away from our phones, we grow more as a person and we are more surrounded by the reality of life and that is something that is very important especially when it comes to spending time with our family and friends ‘cause time goes away in a split of a second so, appreciate. 

    Martina Mikael De La Rama, Buenavista, Agusan Del Norte

    In what area of expertise do you think the government should focus on today’s youth — sports, science and technology, literacy, or arts?

    “Today, everyone has a different kind of expertise, so I can say that everyone has a purpose and everyone has different skills and I, myself, [have] a purpose — a purpose to educate the people to preserve our ecosystem and I know that Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen is a great platform.”

    Marikit Manaois, Baguio City

    If you were named Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen, how will you use your title to support your advocacy? 

    “An Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen is a queen with a purpose. And if I were to win this title which is Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen then, I would take advantage of this platform to be able to talk about the importance of zero waste management and more so, the importance of giving back to Mother Earth. This may be a very challenging role for me, but this is just a small price for me to pay for the change that I want to make for the world.”

    Maica Martinez, Nueva Ecija

    Do you think that today’s influencers have a positive or a negative impact on our society and why?

    “As a broadcast communication graduate, I believe that everyone has a great influence in our society, but what we should need to learn is that we need to keep on uplifting others because at the end of the day, what’s most important is how we affect the lives of other people and that’s why, I’m here in Aliwan Fiesta because I want to be that instrument together with Manila Broadcasting Company in serving back the Filipino people for 83 years.”

    Thañamae Cahilig, Labangon, Cebu City

    If you have a friend or a family member that opposed or mocked your personal political views in social media, how will you handle it?

    “When I have a friend [who] mocks my political views, I would respect them, but I would just show them what [I] have my trust on or what are my views in these political views in social media. Because if I’m going to reply [to] them with another violence, it would make the situation much worse and if we would like to showcase what or spread positivity, then it would make our lives a better place.”

    Nikki Shannen Ortega, Davao City

    What are the characteristics of a responsible Filipino politician?

    “I believe that the most important characteristic of a responsible Filipino politician is that he would be able to give justice to his country and his fellow community. I believe that he should have a kind and pure heart and at the same time, he should have a charisma so that people will follow him. One last thing, I also believe that having [an] innovative mind would lead to a [prosperous] and a brighter country.”

    Kassandra Avena, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

    How will you describe the region you’re representing to a blind man? 

    “Caramoan is a very beautiful place. It is rich in culture, tradition, and we really uplift our fellow Caramoanons. Caramoan can be described as a color red because Caramoans are empowered. We take pride in our culture and tradition, and I believe that we are resilient people. No matter what life brings us, we always become more resilient.”

    The winner of Best in Evening Gown shall receive ₱10,000. The decision lies in the panel of judges consisting of radio broadcaster Deo Macalma, pageant blogger Tristan Harvey Francisco, Miss Aura International 2021 Alexandra Faith Garcia, Actress Ana Abad-Santos, Tanduay Digital Brand Manager Edzel Ty, and ACS Media Agency representative Allen Yotoko.

    Let us welcome the new Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen and her court at the Awarding and Coronation Night on Saturday, November 5, 2022. This will be streamed live on Aliwan Fiesta’s Facebook page and on all social media platforms of MBC: DZRH, Love Radio, Yes The Best, Easy Rock, Aksyon Radyo, and Radyo Natin. The shows will also be telecast on DZRH TV: Channel 18 on Cignal, Channel 129 on Skycable, Channel 3 on Cablelink and on hundreds of cable providers nationwide.

    Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2022 is presented by Unique toothpaste, White Rose Papaya whitening soap, Charm fabric conditioner, DITO Telecommunity, Birch Tree, Tanduay, Palmolive Naturals Ultra.

    For more details, you may also follow Aliwan Fiesta on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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