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Chloe’s Inbox – Be with someone who treats you and your heart well

January 22, 2020


    Hi DJ Chloe,

    I am an avid listener of yours and I also dropped a message to you, I think five (5) years ago. My situation now is different. I am into a relationship right now and he was my batchmate in college. He never noticed me during that time and after graduation we never saw each other until I added him on Facebook. He never noticed me still until I did some transformation of my looks. He was commenting on my post and we constantly chat until we decided to see each other. After that we became officially a couple. I accepted him despite the fact he has kids already but never got married. We are happy during the first months of our relationship but as time goes by I am discovering something. He is still in touch with his former girlfriend and it really broke my heart into pieces. The saddest part is he’s still hoping that they can be together again. It really broke my heart and I thought he was over with her. I forgive him but after a year I discovered that he was chatting with somebody else. It’s one of his ex-girlfriends. I confronted him and he said it was a long time ago but the last time that they chatted each other was new year’s eve. We had a misunderstanding then I tried to reach out but I never received any response to him. I asked him to choose between me and her and now he choose me. I appreciate that but I don’t like the feeling that the trust is not in the relationship anymore. I don’t know what to do now please help.

    PS. Kindly hide my true identity.

    Hi Girl!
    Come to terms with yourself, dear. What is more important to you? Your peace of mind or him? If you choose him, then don’t expect things will change…it won’t. Deal with all his disrespect and your trust issues everyday then.

    You want him to always notice you? Be an ex to him and continue posting transformations of yourself that’s the only way to keep him.

    If a man is into you, you don’t need to do things to continue pleasing him, there are days you won’t be too beautiful and loveable and that’s okay to a man who is really into you. ‘Di ko naman sinabi that okay ang maging losyang pero paano pagnaging asawa mo ‘yan? Daily may fashion show ka? There are times tatamarin ka mag-ayos or maligo lalo pag maganda series sa Netflix. So come to terms with yourself muna. Let go and wait for the one who won’t make you feel that way…or hold on and be miserable every day?



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