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Chloe’s Inbox – One day you’ll tell your story without tears

February 1, 2020


    For a change, this letter will not dwell much on dramas whatsoever. I wanna make it simple, and make it a bit light.

    It’s been a year since my husband and I decided to part ways, 18 years after we got married. Decision was mutual. I never had any relationship since the separation. Just today, I thought of writing you to ask if I am still in a right state of mind (lol). I felt I began to hate men and thinking of just spending the rest of my life by myself. My EX has been seeing women here and there, but don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitter I thought maybe it’s time for me to open the doors once again? Would you have (single) male followers considering to date a cutie mid 40s woman na pinatibay na ng panahon? Haha!

    I prefer men mid-30s to late 40s who can afford to bring me to a fancy restaurant this Valentine’s Day. Nothing serious really. Just clean fun!

    Hi there!

    Have you tried this app that starts with a T?
    Someone I know got lucky and met the love of her life there, married na sila. But as you wish, I’m posting your letter. So, if you’re the “one”, let me know and I’ll give her your details. Good luck guys!



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