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Chloe’s Inbox – Your health is not defined by size or weight

February 5, 2020


    Dear DJ Chloe,

    Thank you for your daily program. Because of you work is a bit lighter. I never thought I’d also be writing you a letter. Matagal na rin akong nagbabasa lang ‘pag may time pero madalas nagre-react kasi lagi akong on the road and yes, inaabangan ko ang Chloe’s Inbox.

    I am a lady Grab driver. I am single mom of three (3). Dalawang high school at isang matatapos na ng college. Pinili ko ang mag-Grab kasi sarili ko lang ang aasahan ko at madali para sa’kin gumawa ng pera para sa pangangailangan ng mga anak ko. Everything was going on smoothly, until I went for my yearly pap smear. And the results were not so good. Hindi ko na idi-disclose kung ano ang nakita but it seems kailangan kong maoperahan and from there malalaman if what’s inside me is malignant or not. DJ Chloe, parang gumuho mundo ko. Gabi-gabi akong umiiyak. Paano na mga anak ko ‘pag nawala ako? Bakit ganito? Parang wala naman akong maisip na naagrabyado kong tao para mangyari sa’kin ‘to. Hindi lang ‘yan ang concern ko pati na rin ang perang kailangan ko para maoperahan ako. Possible pala na wala kang maramdaman kahit may sakit ka or meron kang kundisyon. The only symptom na meron ako is I’ve been very irregular since last year sa monthly period ko. Palakasin niyo naman po ang loob ko. ‘Di ko masabi sa mga anak ko kasi ayokong matakot sila or madefocus kasi baka maapektuhan sila.

    Thank you,


    Hi Aileen!

    Two (2) years ago, I was in your shoes. Buti ka nga walang symptom, me, I almost died of too much blood loss. It’s good that it’s been detected already, the chances of you getting better and healing once it’s taken out thru surgery is high. I know how you feel, and I know that you are always overthinking. But please pray as much as you overthink, there is nothing impossible with God. And sometimes, trials like what yo’ure facing are sometimes “mercies in disguise”. Afflictions and sleepless nights will draw you closer and more dependent on God, and that’s a good thing. Sa Kanya ka umiyak ng umiyak. It is through what you’re going through that you will know Him and His plans for you. Don’t worry too much, just make sure you see your doctor regularly, take your meds on time, and don’t just rely on one method of treatment, alternative and medical should both be considered. Hindi p’wedeng alternative lang. Ako, malaki paniniwala ko sa mga doctor, get as much opinion as you want, it’s your right. Stay positive, dear!



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