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Where Do Broken Hearts Go: Traveling With A Pinch Of ‘Hugot’

J.G. Taruc

September 28th, 2015

  •  “Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.Denis Waitley


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    A breakup is one of the most painful things that a person can experience and I assure you, there’s no easy way out especially when you’re carrying a large baggage of sadness, despair and regret. The dreams and promises you’ve made with your partner fades into dust in just a snap.

    To help you piece your shattered heart together again, why not turn your baggage of emotions into a real one and do some ‘soul searching’.  Here are some places worth a visit and could help you alleviate the pain your ex has given you.


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    Go North.

     If you are familiar with the film “That Thing Called Tadhana” then maybe you already have an idea where would this place be. Yes, its Baguio and Sagada, places where the weather is cold as your ex.

    Baguio has a lot of itineraries to help you find peace. Among these places are Burnham Park, Mines View Park and the Cemetery of Negativity at Camp John Hay.

    Cemetery of Negativity is a graveyard of tombs of all your doubts and fears buried in the ground so they can’t haunt you anymore.  Give it a try by burying yours and let them pass on.

    Meanwhile, in Sagada you can go mountain climbing in Mt. Klitepan. Climbing high peak mountains are exhausting but you need to push yourself until the only thing you can feel is tiredness and not the pain you used to live with.

    I tell you – right there at the summit –  there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a light of hope.


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    Spend some time in the beaches.

    If you just want to party and forget about your ex, visit Boracay. Get to know other people, socialize with them and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find someone who really gives a thing or two about you.

    If you feel the need to be alone, you can visit Malapascua Island which is situated in the Visayas sea, just at the northern tip of Cebu. Malapascua has that quiet shores and calm seas that will make you realize that there’s more in life after a horrible breakup.


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    Brain: I warned you. Didn’t I?

    It’s not always the heart who wins in the game of love. When you know how to listen to your heart, you must also learn how to comprehend with your brain.

    A visit to the museum is a good ‘brain workout’. Enrich your mind with meaningful facts and reminisce the country’s history.

    But if you really want to get over with your ex, pay a visit to the National Museum because it has the historical Manunggul jars where you can bury your feelings about your ex or maybe put your ex inside it.


    Photo credit: jeanquiambao.net

    Feel ‘Maginhawa’ in Maginhawa StrEAT

    Food always understand you. Whatever problem you have right now, it will always be there waiting for you (not like your ex who promised to be always be there for you no matter what), unless you’ll deal with it the soonest you can.

    So when there’s no one else to comfort you, try resorting to a few all-time favorite nibbles to relieve that stress out of you.

    Maginhawa Street is located in Teachers Village East, Quezon City. There are many food shops and stalls in Maginhawa St. like Ate Fe’s Kitchen, which caters affordable and home cooked meals; Fruili, a pizza and pasta restaurant; Iscreamist, where everything served is frozen with liquid nitrogen and many more.

    It offers a distinct choices of food which is really good for you especially if you are tired of always being treated as an option.

    Let’s face it, you can never run from your past especially when it has really inflicted so much damage to you. But the best thing you can do is to try because when you’re trying, you are moving.

    Leave your heart aches behind and move on. When I say move, literally move one place to another. Travel somewhere, meet new friends, do things that you haven’t done before and just enjoy the scenery and the next thing you know your heart is already back in pieces.


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