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When Travel Meets Love: Serendipity

J.G. Taruc

December 7th, 2015

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    It was 15 years ago when my wife and I first met.

    Love indeed was in the air… plane. Yes, it’s kind of unusual that two unknown person, who got to know each other for just an hour and now together for a lifetime.

    April 2, 2000.

    I was on a plane traveling to Palawan for a 3-day vacation. When I was about to close my eyes, I heard a loud voice of a woman ranting to the stewardess because her seat was offered to somebody else. I got really irritated with their noisy argument and stood up. I saw the face of the ranting lady and suddenly I felt the time stopped with the song “Isn’t She Lovely” playing in background, like a typical movie scene when a guy get astonished to a lady. I immediately went to them and offered the seat beside me since no one sits on it.

    I did not waste a second and started a conversation with the very beautiful and charming woman. At first, I got a hard time talking to her because the way she responded to me sounded like “Feeling close? Wag mongaakokausapin.” And she has that suplada and mataray aura. I did not stop talking to her and ask things just to prevent our conversation from doom. I did not notice that she was already sleeping so I stopped talking and let the lady sleep.

    We arrived at the Puerto Princesa International Airport and parted ways. As I waved my goodbye to the fine lady, I felt a little pinch in my heart.

    When I got to the transient house, I felt sleepy and exhausted because of the jet-lag and the talking I did. I was able to sleep for some hour and when I woke up I decided to go out and find some food nearby.

    I found a carinderia just across the street and their selections were really enticing. I ordered everything I can eat and when I was about to eat, I saw the ‘ranting’ lady walking towards me. She smiled at me and sat beside me. My suplada and matarayimpression fades away as she apologized for acting inappropriate. We started to chat and our conversation started to made more sense than before.

    After hours of talking, I found out that the charming lady, Mary, is a born Palaweña, who just lives blocks away from the transient house.

    I was a tourist in Palawan but because Mary knows Palawan well, I asked her to be my tourist guide. I can still remember the reason I used to get her yes: “Mas magiging masaya siguro ‘yong Palawan adventure ko kung may magtu-tour sa akin.” She did not hesitated to be my tour guide and that made my heart explode because of so much joy.

    In just two days of being together, we had developed a mutual feeling. Mary and I believed that it’s love because it’s serendipity. We found each other in pure serendipity.

    Mary and I have been married for 15 years with 2 children. Though we’re living here in Manila, we still go to Palawan from time to time to reminisce our sweet memories together.



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