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Top visa-free destinations for your next vacation

Mitzi Santos

October 30th, 2018


    Every passport holder’s dream is to travel across the world and we all know that aside from the budget, accommodation, weather and companion, there is one thing that hinders us from setting foot to a foreign land – Visa.

    We cannot just enter a country without a visa but, fear no more ’cause actually there are a lot of destinations that does not require a visa. listed the countries to visit that do not need a visa!

    1. Singapore, Singapore

    You can visit and stay in Singapore for 30 days without a visa! Singapore is the safest and easiest destination in Asia. It has efficient transportation that’s why going around the country is easy! It is perfect for any type of traveler because it offers a wide variety of itineraries for you whether it may be food trip, adventure, and even shopping!

    1. Bali, Indonesia

    If you are a beach-lover then Bali is a perfect destination for you! This is the ultimate summer paradise for any island lover with its turquoise waters and fine sand. The island is also blessed with beautiful landscapes and elaborate temples.

    1. Bangkok, Thailand

    This country is a feast for the senses since its streets are a maze of markets filled with colorful clothing and delicious food. The vibrant city will surely provide tourists with the best experience at a very budget-friendly price!

    1. Jeju Island, South Korea

    Yes, you got it right. There is a part in South Korea that does not require a visa -the coastal city of Jeju Island. If you want to take a break away from the busy city, Jeju Island is the perfect place to be! It is an island but some of the Seoul and Busan’s features are replicated in Jenju’s city center so tourists can still get their hands on K-beauty products, KPop Merch, and tasty Korean food!

    1. Hong Kong

    It may not be new to everyone, but Hong Kong has been the number destination of Filipinos if they want to get away from the country even for a while. What’s the best about Hong Kong is it offers tourists with a great shopping experience! Head to the streets of Mongkok and Causeway Bay for a shopping experience that won’t break the bank.

    Without having the visa as your number one problem, you can now book a flight and start packing your bags cause nothing can stop you now from getting a taste of these visa-free countries all over the world. You just need to pack all the essentials and a list of your itinerary so you surely won’t miss anything!


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