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Things to consider before traveling abroad

Mitzi Santos

January 24th, 2019

  • TRAVEL ARTICLE 0124191.Secure the documents needed

    Before booking your flight, it pays to know the country that you are going to visit. Does the place you want to visit requires a visa? If it does, secure a visa first before going to that country. It is one of the first things you have to consider.

    2.The best time to visit

    Each country has its own time to show off to its tourists. Some countries are best visited during Summer, while some are good during winter. This will also help you decide what country to book and when to book. Also, this will be of big help in packing your suitcase! Align your wardrobe to the season of the country you are visiting.

    3. Book your accommodation ahead of time.

    It’s best to book your accommodation ahead of time because you don’t want to just book any hotel just because you already are leaving in a few days. Booking ahead of time saves you from all the hassle that you will be encountering during the last minute. Also, great hotels are often booked first and you don’t want to be left with the not-so-good ones.

    4.Make a list of your itinerary

    If you are having a DIY trip, it is a must for a traveler to come up with a list of his itinerary prior to his flight. Why? Because having one will help you manage your time and will surely avoid you from missing one tourist spot. You would not want to overspend time just on one place, right? Visit as many place as you can!

    5.Don’t forget to prepare your emergency fund

    If you are a big spender and are going to a country where it is great to shop, we suggest that you must have yourself an emergency fund. It sure helps you from getting the regrets of not purchasing an item especially if it can only be found in that country. One example is its delicacy. You sure don’t want to book another flight just to get that, right?

    6.Know the do’s and don’ts in that country

    You are traveling for leisure and you sure don’t want to spend your whole time there getting in trouble. There are countries where they have certain rules and regulations and being a tourist is definitely not an excuse! For instance, in Singapore, eating and drinking inside the MRT are not allowed. If you get caught, you have to pay 5,000$ for the fine. That sure is a huge amount of money! Imagine how many countries can you visit with that fine.

    7.Get adapters/converters for your electronic devices

    Not every country has the same voltage so it is safe for you to bring one. Like in Seoul, South Korea, they are not using the usual two-pronged plugs. So you will be needing an adapter for you to be able to use your electronic devices. Another example is in the US, the standard voltage is 120V and you’ll be needing a transformer for your 220V device if you don’t want to cause any trouble.

    8.Familiarize yourself with the transportation

    If you won’t avail any car rental services, the only mean for you to travel from one place to another is to use their public transportation. Getting familiar with the bus and train services will give you an easy and hassle-free stay at the country. Know where you can avail their transport cards. It can usually be purchased at the airport or at their convenient stores. In other countries their transport cards can be used in so many ways. Like the Singapore’s EZ Link, it cannot be only used in riding the buses or trains but it can also be used in retail shops and restaurants.

    9.Print out the travel documents needed

    Even in this digital age, it is still best to still keep a hard copy of the travel documents that you will be needing. You can also have a copy of the tickets you have purchased online so you can just easily present it at the counters. These printout copies still come in handy these days.

    10.Pack your vitamins, over-the-counter medications and toiletries

    Bringing your vitamins and over-the-counter medications will surely save you any time. Being in a foreign country doesn’t guarantee you that you can find everything that you need in an instant. Some products might not be available in the country that you are visiting. Also, keeping it in stock will save you a lot of time and effort from searching for the medications that you will be needing. And in case of emergency, these medicines will save your life. It is better safe than sorry.

    If we miss anything, feel free to drop them at the comment section and do share them to your friends and who knows who might be needing these pointers, right?


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