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The right pair of shoes to take on your next trip

Mitzi Santos

September 13th, 2018


    As the saying goes, “Good shoes take you to good places,” so it is important to choose the right pair to get you to the places you have been dreaming to set foot on.

    If you truly are a wanderlust, you know the ABCs of travelling and outfit plays a really big role in your trip. It can either make or break the trip that you planned out for weeks, days or God knows how long.

    You dress up according to the destination, the weather, your personality and the culture of the city. You dress to impress and we all know that you will do everything it takes for the gram. Of course, comfort must be your priority but we believe that you can still be stylish without sacrificing comfort.

    What makes a good travel shoe? A good travel shoe is something you can last wearing for a long time. Here are the things to consider when buying one:

    Style – in buying new stuff especially if it is not out of impulsiveness, we consider the style. It must compliment the outfit that you have chosen to pull off for that trip.

    Weight – When travelling, every kilogram count and we don’t want to pay for the extra baggage as much as possible. Consider the weight of the footwear that you are wearing or it will not only make you feel uncomfortable but it will also add additional weight to your baggage.
    Comfort – go for something that will make you last all day long. Especially in countries where it is best travelled on foot, comfort plays a big factor in choosing a footwear. You don’t want to be cutting your own trip just because of your sore feet.
    According to, here are the pairs that you can really rely on during your trip.

    Walking shoes – something that comes with solid support. The pair you usually wear for a long period of time. You can go for a shoe with memory foam beds to give you the comfort that you need during your city tour. Slip-ons and sneakers are perfect for walking shoes.
    Dress shoes (flats) – these are walking shoes that are more stylish compared to walking shoes. Best example is a ballet flat. This is comfortable for walking plus can be used to up your OOTD game without sacrificing the style and comfort.
    Dress shoes (sandals) – these are flats with a twist! You usually need this kind of pair in sunny destinations. A beach trip would be a perfect example.
    Activity shoe – these are the perfect shoes for an adventurous trip like hiking. This is perfect for a day hike. Rubber shoes are reliable to give you the comfort while doing hiking, biking or even while working out.

    The kind of footwear is just one of the little details that you have to consider when traveling. But regardless, it is still not to be neglected or else your trip will be compromised. If we missed any item on the list, feel free to comment it below.


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