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If you love to travel, these are the jobs for you

Mitzi Santos

October 25th, 2018


    They say that if you choose a job that you love, you will never have to work for a day in your life. Yes, a part of this is true. Some really get blessed to do the things that they love while they earn for a living.

    So, for people who love to travel and set foot to different places, cosmo.ph has listed the jobs that you can apply for.

    Flight Attendant

    Being a flight attendant doesn’t happen overnight. You have to pass the qualifications first before you become one. Once you pass, you have all the benefits to enjoy. One of the perks is you get to visit dozens of cities across the world for free!

    Travel Writer

    If you are someone who is blessed with some great writing skills plus you love to travel, then being a travel writer is something you can do. You can totally write about your adventures and put up your own travel blog. Although it takes a lot of effort and discipline in maintaining your website, but it sure is nothing compared to doing all the things you love in return, right?

    Tour Guide

    If you are a true blood traveller and you know certain destinations like it is written at the back of your hand, then being a tour guide is perfect for you! Imagine living everyday showing tourist around a certain place, sounds cool right?

    Cruise Ship Worker

    There are a lot of opportunities in a cruise ship. Either apply as a chef, an engineer, a performer, still, you can see great places while earning a decent pay check. Take note: your meals and lodging are all provided by the cruise company. You got more money to save on your personal trips!

    Pack your bags ’cause you are not just going to travel but you are going to make money! Getting these jobs are definitely a win-win for you! You don’t just travel to spend money but you travel to actually make money. Sounds great, right?


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