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How Travel Brought Back My Eager Spirit

J.G. Taruc

November 23rd, 2015

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    I’m Rick, 25 years old and an office employee. If I could describe my life in two words, it would be dull and exhausting.

    My life has been going through circles again and again. It’s getting repetitive that it drives me nuts: my backstabbing officemates especially those who love to make stories about me; tasks that are shouldn’t be mine but I had no choice but do it; and of course my grumpy bosses who never saw anything good about my job. All of these things have turned to be my everyday burden at work.

    I hate to admit it, but it’s really intoxicating. I already thought of quitting my job but on second thought, I don’t need to because it won’t make things easier. The struggle of looking another good job that pays well is very hard especially in our country and the process of employment is really inflicting.

    After a daylong pondering, I’ve decided to take a leave from work and unwind. I felt what others call it as ‘wanderlust’. My dragging work had caused me to develop a strong desire to travel and urged me to escape and leave work behind.

    I packed my stuff and spent my 3-day vacation in Baguio and Sagada alone. It’s my first time there and I easily fell in love with it. Mines View Park’s overlooking view really amazed me. I came back from my childhood when I rode a bicycle in Burnham Park. I can still remember when I nearly hit a beautiful lady passing by because its been 20 years since I rode a bike. The best thing about my travel was my experience in the tranquil town of Sagada. I was able to go to Lumiang Cave which is a 2,000 years old cave and resting place for the Igorots; and the exhilarating  Sumaguing Cave which you can find different rock formations inside it.

    To sum up, Its cold breeze and light and easy vibe helped me reduce stress. I got the chance to enjoy the outdoors, see some wonderful views  as well as made some new friends.

    When I got home, my impression of travel being just an expense has changed and I realized how traveling is important for once in a while. Traveling gave me the opportunity to relax and get away from things that were dragging me down. Taking an adventure along with freedom is a perfect way to decrease tension and relieve stress.

    It’s my first day back in the office and I feel the enthusiasm to be an employee again. My recent travel prepared me to face the reality again and plunge myself to the exhausting corporate world. But I’m not worried of being stressed once more because whenever I feel down from work, I can just pack my things up and leave the comfort zone of my home and explore different places and forget the world for a while.




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