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Do You Know What Type of Jeepney Commuter Are You?

J.G. Taruc

October 7th, 2015



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     The ‘Locked’ down – is the person seating in the innermost end of the jeepney and will surely have a hard time going down. This person needs to fight his way through the hard-hitting knees of the other passengers.

    The Traveler – someone who has a chunk of stuff with him and seems to have brought his whole ‘house’ with him.

    The Driver’s Friend A friend of the driver who’s very talkative and sits beside the driver. This person loves to start small conversations with the driver. It can be entertaining listening to their chat but sometimes it can get annoying because of some over-shared stories.

    The Apprentice –  The soon to be successor of the jeepney driver. This type of person is a multitasker. He’s in charge with the fare collection of the passengers and he’s also the barker.

    The Professional Snobber –  A type of passenger that snobs his co-passengers when someone says “Makikiabot lang po/Makikisuyo po”. They have mastered this ignoring game.

    The Reader – They love to feed on everything that you’re reading. You have that weird feeling that someone is having a glimpse on the book you are reading, or text messages that you are about to reply on. Just don’t be shocked when this person stops you from flipping the page or scrolling onto the conversation and says “Wait! I haven’t finish reading it.”.

    The Sweet Couple – They are fond of displaying their sweet affection. You find them caressing each other in the most irritating(to the eyes) way ever. If you could just express yourself by means of eye contact and tell them “Sheez! Get a room you two!”.




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    The Sleeper – These are people who spend their whole day on their job, the graveyard shifters and the insomniacs. These sleepers can’t really resist snoozing and leaning on someone’s shoulder as their pillow for the trip. Some of these people take it to the next level when they try to slide down onto their seatmate’s chest and lap.

    The Half-sitter/Road Block – These type of passengers are the sad victims of “maluwag pa”, “isa pa sa kaliwa” even if there’s no space left. So, as a result only half of their butt is sitting. They rely much on their balancing techniques not to fall off. They are also called as ‘Road Block’ because their knees are blocking the way.

    So try to imagine the path that the ‘locked’ down will go through just to make it out ‘alive’.

    The Narcissist – A type of commuter who sits beside the apprentice and appreciates his/her facial features so much that he/she keeps staring or looking on the mirror (maybe he/she is practicing or finding a good angle for the perfect selfie).

    The Road Scout/Paranoid – A type of person whose attention is focused on the road, twisting his neck in 45 degrees. These type of commuters always get the feeling that they are lost, checking every street and stopovers.

    How about you? What type of jeepney commuter are you?


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