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Different travel ideas for millennial couples

Mitzi Santos

October 11th, 2018


    Being a couple is not just rainbows and butterflies. It is just normal that you two experience hardships and by hardships, we meant hardship in coming up with different date ideas.

    For sure in the long run, you will run out of date ideas to spice up your relationship especially if you are a couple who really are spontaneous and adventurous.

    Dinner dates sure are fun until you two thirst for more. So here’s a list of other trips that you two can do aside from the usual cutesy dates on fancy restaurants or movie houses.

    1. Hiking Trip

    Not every couple is a fan of the outdoors. But it is still not too late for you to try exploring and appreciating the beauty of nature. Go hiking. It sure is hard to climb up a mountain but hiking is like your relationship. It might be a long and tiring walk up, sometimes it gets bumpy but once you reach the summit, everything becomes so worth it.

    1. Biking Trip

    Considering the traffic situation in the Philippines, commuting or driving to and from your chosen destination is a no-no. You sure want to avoid it every once and a while that is why going on a biking trip with your partner sure saves a lot of time spent stuck in traffic and saves gas like a lot!

    1. Diving Trip

    If you actually ran out of beautiful land attractions to visit, why not try exploring the beauty of the underwater? Go diving with your partner. it might sound scary at first but once you’ve laid eyes upon the beauty of the corals and the marine life, you sure won’t stop! There are nearby resorts that offer scuba diving and freediving lessons. It usually takes a day or two for introductory lessons.

    1. Glamping Trip

    Staycation is so last year! What’s hot now is glamping. You get to spend a night in a tent set up by the beach. Imagine sleeping with the sound of the nature playing in the background while you are snuggled next to your partner.

    1. Road trip

    Perfect time to get to know each other more without the hassle of the crowd inside the malls or the coffee shops. Why not try being spontaneous and see where it will lead you?

    With all these trips mentioned above, you sure won’t run out of date ideas with your partner! Let us know what you think of these trips and comment it down below.


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