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Budget-friendly Valentine date ideas for non-mushy couples

Mitzi Santos

February 14th, 2019


    Today is Valentine’s Day and not everyone sure is a fan of the conventional dinner by candlelight dates and the other dreamy stuff romantic movies have shown you.

    If you are someone who is looking for different date ideas, then Spot.ph has listed activities that you can try with your date this Valentine’s Day.

    1.Visit Museums

    If you want to avoid the crowded malls in the metro, you can always choose to visit museums and mostly are surely for free! Imagine wandering through the halls of the museum while you are walking hand-in-hand with your date. You did not only avoid the crowded malls but also learn a thing or two about history and arts and designs!

    2. Go karting or wakeboarding

    If you are both a fan of adventure then karting and/or wakeboarding are for you! Sounds exciting and scary at the same time, right? You can go karting at City Kart Racing in Makati that will only cost you only 1,300php. If you have enough time to drive to Calamba, then you can try the wakeboarding park located in Calamba Laguna. Republ1c Wakepark will only cost you not much but will give you the excitement that you are looking for.

    3. Make board games as your third wheel!

    This is perfect for couples who love board games. You can literally just play and chill while having your snacks on the side. No need to wait in line for hours for that romantic dinner, right? You can visit Ludo Boardgame Bar and Cafe in Quezon City for some healthy competition and experience!

    4. Go on Charity events

    If you are overflowing with love and want to share it with others, then this is the perfect activity for you. NGOs like Children’s Mission Philippines always need volunteers and donations. There is also an animal rescue center that offers “FURst date” for 300 pesos only where you and your four-legged date will spend time over a snack.

    There are a lot of activities out there for couples like you who are looking for a different activity this year. All you have to do is bring yourself and your partner and be in an amazing experience without having to spend much.

    How about you, what did you and your partner do to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day? Let us know and comment it down below!



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