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Backpack or Suitcase? A Guide To Travel Packing

November 30th, 2015

  • It’s always an argument which one should you use a backpack or a suitcase? Backpacks are easy to carry  but it’s a total pain in the butt if it’s too heavy. Meanwhile, suitcases offer more room for your things but gives you the thought of packing things that are not important. So which one should you use?

    Pros of Backpack

    Backpacks don’t limit your flexibility. You can still run (yes, for short distances), crouch, walk upstairs and sometimes even climb.

    You have the chance of not falling into the nightmare of over-packing.

    It offers a lot of pockets for versatile organization. Everybody loves side pockets. Some backpacks offer secret pockets that can often be used to hide important items like extra cash and passport.

    Cons of Backpack

    They can sometimes be heavy to lift and carry and can be a burden carrying.

    It can be difficult in organizing your things. If you will be packing and unpacking because if you’re looking for something that’s far underneath your backpack, you have to remove some of your stuffs just to get what you’re looking for.


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    Pros of Suitcase

    It’s rigid in nature which is something that can protect your belongings from damage.

    If you’re not that strong too carry a bag on your back, you can easily drag it wherever you go.

    You’ll be able to pack more things.

    Cons of Suitcase

    It’s difficult to drag them around in small spaces or in rough terrain; also hard to carry especially in staircases because stairs are not suitcases’ bestfriend.

    Tempts you to overpack and bring things that are not important.


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