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5 Things to do in Siargao that are not Surfing

Mitzi Santos

October 18th, 2018


    2018 is a big year for the Philippines for its beautiful beaches have been acknowledged in the US-based luxury and lifestyle travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler.

    October is the time to declare the best destinations across the globe. This also includes the list of 30 Best Islands in the World. More than 429,000 avid readers placed their votes for the 31st Readers’ Choice Awards and the newest entry for the Top 5 Islands in Asia is Siargao.

    This year, Siargao booted out Boracay. It dropped to second place thus pushing Palawan to the third rank. More people are now visiting the island thanks to the newly launched direct flights from Manila.

    Siargao attracts tourists that are surfers and non-surfers because aside from surfing, according to journeyera.com, there are a lot of things you can do in Siargao:

    1.Food trip

    Siargao offers great burritos and tacos that are best paired with beer. You can also find chicken barbecues and pizza. Local restaurants to check out are Miguel’s, Ronaldo’s and Aventino’s.

    2. Sunset or sunrise watching at Cloud 9 Pier

    With Siargao’s beautiful landscape, it sure is perfect to just sit at the end of the Cloud 9 Pier and watch as the sun rises or sets.

    3. Hangout with the locals

    According to the tourists, the people in Siargao are pretty chill thus make them a pretty good company. You can just bond with them over karaoke or an afternoon surf.

    4. Beach clean-up

    There is an organization in Pacifico that organizes a weekend clean-up run. You can check out @suncrew for details. Over 40 kids are registered and religiously join the activity. After every session kids gets to have a big lunch and surf afterwards.

    5. Island hopping

    There are a lot of islands that can be visited from Siargao. You just have to take a short long-tail boat trip to get there. You can visit Guyam, Daku and Naked Island.

    These activities surely are one of the reasons why Siargao is one of the Top 5 Islands in Asia. Siargao surely has a lot to offer and who would want to miss those, right? Come thru and tell us your experience in the paradise.


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