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Why should you say yes to a dinner out with the boss

Adi Miguel

August 20, 2015


    For the working peeps, transferring from one company to another is like transferring schools. New adjustments, introduction of self, familiarizing yourself to the company and the usual whatnot for the newbies will always be present. It’s like everything’s brand new, including you.

    And as part of the adjustment cycle, we go with the flow to know more our colleagues, the trend in the office, and of course to make friends. But what if, one day, your boss gets near your desk and ask you for a dinner out? Just the two of you. And let’s say the boss is in the opposite gender. Would you say yes?

    So we gather answers from the working peeps and here are the reasons why you should say ‘yes’ to a dinner out with your boss.

    1. Because it’s the BOSS.
    That’s enough reason for you to say ‘yes’ to your boss’ invite. After all, you don’t really know what comes with that “invite”. Saying ‘yes’ to his or her invite is already an additional point for good impression.

    2. Because it’s your time to shine.
    Use that dinner to let your boss see the best in you. Whatever his or her intentions of going out with you, let it be an opportunity for you to flaunt the best that you have. Grab the chance to show your edge among other employees. Prove him or her that you got beyond what’s in your curriculum vitae. Darling, shine. Be smart. Be sophisticated. Let your boss know that you are still professional even outside work.

    3. Because you can gain favors.
    When an employee and the boss has a good outside-work relationship, its side effects are favors because the boss knows you personally. Just make sure that you are loyal, trustworthy and does not abuse friendship. Always remember that they are the bosses and they deserve respect from you. Don’t be too much. Don’t be less. Just stand in between.

    4. Because it’s free food.
    Who doesn’t want free food?!? On dinners like this, most probably the boss will pay the bill. But be polite enough to give a share or pay for it. But if they insist, why not? Watch yourself on occasions like this. Be sure that you still look prim and proper.

    In the end, the answer is yours. And surely how you act towards your boss, with or without malice, on situations like this will always have something to say with your assessment.


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