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You are single but that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely


March 29, 2019


    When your mom said that romantic relationships are not the end-all of your life, she’s saying a fact. Your romantic relationship won’t complete you. The truth is no romantic relationship can make you whole. You are the only one who can fill the voids, or missing pieces of your life.

    Maybe you’ve been single for quite a long time or you just got out from a relationship, and yes! It really sucks to be surrounded with lovers. Everywhere you go you see couples holding hands, or someone’s holding a bouquet, or a guy is ready to propose. And when you check social media a couple just posted their travel photo with #RelationshipGoals.

    Well, yeah. Those are real goals. And so as being happy with whatever status you have now. Loneliness is just a phase, but it doesn’t have to be your choice.

    1. Be so comfortable being alone – we fail to love others because we don’t fully love ourselves. Rely on yourself so that you don’t have to rely your whole life to someone else.

    2. Be reminded that you have friends – online or offline they are there. Focus on the people who stayed than the people who left.

    3. Not doing anything won’t help you find the one. Make friends. Go out. Expose yourself to new things. But don’t do it just because you’re looking for love. Do it because you’re up for a new adventure. Let the universe do its part.

    4. Don’t force relationships. It won’t help you, you’ll just get another pile of loneliness in your life.

    5. Always remember that being single is not forever. Love will come at the right time.

    Being single is just a circumstance. If you’re lonely or happy being one, it’s up to you.



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