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One Friday night I was on top of my boss

October 9, 2015

  • (EDITOR’S NOTE: Tricia and Anton are both products of imagination. Similar story to this is a total coincidence.) 


    I looked at my desktop clock, it’s already 6pm and just realized that it’s Friday. I took time fixing my things because I know that I can’t go home right away because of the crazy traffic in Edsa. As I slide stuff in my bag, I was thinking of where to go and kill time.

    I decided to walk around Harbour Square to see if Starbucks was crowded and thank goodness it wasn’t. It’s a perfect time to unleash my introvert skills. I ordered green tea frappe, stayed outside the cafe and lit a cigarette. I love my alone moments because it’s rare. When you work with a lot of people you develop an “introvert” character that you release once in a while. But my “me” time was interrupted when the rain poured. So I ran back to the office to let the rain pass too.

    After I fixed myself, I went straight to our room. Everyone’s already out. I turned on the air conditioner and passed by my boss’ table. It’s raining and it’s already dark. Perfect to continue my “me” time.

    I sat down and felt his chair. His scent is still on it. I felt like sitting on his lap as I relax on his chair. I closed my eyes and started to think of him–his hunk body, his thin lips that I’ve always craved, his hair that I want to caress, and his ears that I wanted to bite and lick. Anton has always made me horny but I never told anyone in our small team about my wild illusion. He’s the boss and I don’t want to get into trouble.

    I continued thinking about him and how sexy he is. I’m already fantasizing about us on top of his table. I started to moan and get wet until…


    That’s familiar.

    “Uhm, Tricia.”

    I opened my eyes and saw the boss.

    “I’m sorry to interrupt but you’re using my station,” he said with a smirk.

    “I’m sorry, sir.”

    My blouse was almost unbuttoned, revealing my bra. However, I got to notice his wet and messy hair. I guess he was also out when the rain poured. The upper part of his top were also unbuttoned and was just so sexy. While all the guys out there takes time and effort to look fine, my boss is effortlessly handsome with great sex appeal.

    He walked towards me and started to unbutton his top.

    “It’s raining and I’m horny.”

    “The feeling is mutual, sir.”

    “Been wanting this for a long time.”

    I smiled.

    He grabbed my arms and pulled me near him. He removed my top and unpinned my bra. He kissed me hard–so hard that my cravings were satisfied. I unbuckled his pants and the next thing I know we’re on the top of his table. He began thrusting hard and massaged my breasts which aroused me even more. I embraced my legs around him and moaned like it was my first time. Someone just made my Friday night so wild.

    I was still lying on his table gasping for air when I felt tickles down there. The boss just got down on me! And I’m respectful enough to return the favor. I got up and knelt before him and you know what’s next.

    He pulled me up and kissed me hard–harder this time. We lie on the floor and I was on top of him. We kissed, caressed, and felt each other’s skin. It was my chance–I licked and bit his ears. He said,

    “You naughty kitty,” then started licking my nippies. My boss just broke my laid-back Friday night.

    He pulled back from kissing and looked at me with a sarcastic smile. He said,

    “Looks like you have to extend hours every Friday, Tricia.”

    “Noted, Sir Anton,” I replied and continued kissing him again.

    But he pulled back again and said,

    “Plus, wear a shorter skirt.”


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