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Here’s why sitting down with the pain is a part of moving on

Diane Lozare, Intern

June 7, 2019


    When we feel pain, we keep on thinking of how to get rid of it or where to go, where the haunting pain can’t find you anymore because where do broken hearts go, right? But have you tried to stop and just sit with the pain; to just feel it coursing through your entire system?

    Here’s why you need to acknowledge that feeling.

    The move-on process is different for each one of us. We move through different phases at our own different timelines. Taking your time to heal yourself is a must and it’s something you can’t and shouldn’t rush. Through this course, you can’t help but look back on the memories you felt the happiest and may feel some guilt along with endless thoughts of “what if” and “what may.”

    Snapping back into reality, you’ll then ask yourself, “Am I really moving on by going back and feeling this pain all over again?”

    Most of the time we tend to reject pain because of its distasteful sensation and that heavy sentiment that reigns upon our entire being. It is so painful that we can’t do anything but to either dwell in it or take the blind side and leave it lurking in the shadows of fake smiles and happiness. But denying the pain is only holding you back from moving forward. Feeling the pain leads you to the path of acceptance. Rewinding all the moments and playbacks of all the memories, whether it’s good or bad. Feeling that guilty pleasure—the pain, that oozing torment, the agonizing despair—is abstractedly making you accept that those chapters finally came into its rightful end. Unmindfully reminding you what you have to be thankful about, and for you to recognize the lessons the whole book has taught you.

    Looking back and taking the time to feel it all over again, the love, the happiness, the sadness, the loneliness, the pain of endings and the excitement for new beginnings, all of these emotions in one temple may be hard to contain but making it a part of you isn’t wrong.

    Pain makes us who we are and what we’ll be. No one is free from pain because being in pain is what makes us vulnerable and vulnerability is what makes us human.

    Sitting down with the pain isn’t what holds you back but it’s denying that you’re hurting that slows you down.


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