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Here’s to my boyfriend’s girl friends


February 21, 2019


    I am not shallow.

    I am not possessive.

    I am not obsessed.

    But just in case you forgot, I am your guy friend’s girlfriend. Without a space in between. He is committed to me. He goes home to me. We plan the future together, we are in a relationship.

    When you said that I’m making his world smaller, you were wrong. Actually, I want him to see the world and explore it. I will be the happiest to see him dive into the depths of the ocean, ride an airplane as much as much as he can, taste unfamiliar food, and meet people that will make him the best version of himself. I want him to know the world and touch it with his own finger tips; to love and enjoy life; to be with different people and teach him something he’ll bring back home.

    I want him to make his own world and I may not be able get into it fully or be inside it, I won’t mind. I just really want to know it and let that world know who I am. I just want to be recognized. I won’t force myself if I can’t be part of it. But I just want you to know that I’m already here. There is another world that we’re building together.

    You have your world, don’t hide your it from me, I’m not taking it away from you. I just want to know so that I can understand, so that I can trust.

    Maybe you were before me, you won’t be replaced in his heart and in his life. But that doesn’t mean he has to sneak out just to go out with you. Or he has to lie just to give me the assurance that he is not cheating. I don’t mind if my boyfriend goes out with his girl friends, I just want to know. I have the right to know.

    I don’t mind if you’re having fun until dawn, I just want to know why he’s not answering my calls—the list will go on.

    It doesn’t matter if we’re not friends. What matters most is I know you, I know who you are in his life, and you know how it feels if your boyfriend is doing the same.


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