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If you haven’t moved on, this one is for you


March 7, 2019


    It’s been years and you are still there. You are still crying over the same pain.

    You are still hurting over the same memories.

    How many people have passed by and you’re still wishing that it’s still him/her who’s fixing and breaking your heart?

    Seasons have come and go and you’re still wishing to be in the same story, same scenario. Crossing your fingers that some things will go back to how they used to be.

    You haven’t moved on. You haven’t let go. People around you are counting already, they can’t wait for the time that you’ll wake up and forget everything you went through. Your friends want you to get over it, they’ve been hearing the same story for quite some time. They’ve been hearing the same name. They are getting tired of your drama while you’re still there sulking on it like it happened yesterday.

    Seriously, so what?

    So what, if it’s taking you time?

    So what, if you haven’t moved on?

    So what, if you’re still crying over the same pain?

    So what, if the same love song is breaking you over and over when it plays?

    So what, if you’re still trying to win the person back?

    So what, if you are doing some desperate moves?

    So what, if you can’t let go?

    So what, if it’s taking you long to get over it?

    So what?

    Just cry over it until you have no more tears. Let it hurt you until it hurts no more. Listen to the same song over and over until your heart gets numb, until it’s just another song playing. Call that person and ask for another chance until you pity yourself already. Do all the things your heart beats for. Try it. Do everything even if it’s hurting you so much, even if you’re hurting yourself so much.

    One day, you’ll wake up and hate the pain you’re feeling. One day you’ll wake up and realize that it’s enough. It will come to your senses that you still want that person, you still want to chase but you’re tired already. Your heart is tired already.

    All this pain, all this crying won’t stay for long.

    Time will come and you’ll stop allowing things to hurt you. You will wake up from a deep sleep and you’ll find yourself so tired. That’s the time that you’ll stop allowing yourself from getting too much pain. That’s the time that you’ll stop crying over someone who doesn’t see your worth. That’s the time you’ll stop listening to the song that’s breaking you over and over. You’ll come to the time when you will put a stop to every little thing that hurts you.

    But while it’s not yet there, while you haven’t opened your eyes to that day, feel the pain. Cry until it hurts no more. Acknowledge that you are getting hurt. Let it sink. Let it come to your senses. You are near to your healing when you do.

    When you get hurt, you don’t have to be smart all the time. You don’t have to be wise all the time. You can just come as you are—hurt as you are. Because just like the weather, these things won’t stay for long. They will all pass and by then you are stepping to another season with a tougher and wiser heart.


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