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To my ex, here’s the 13+ reasons why I thank you


November 23, 2018


    All things, whether good or bad, has an ending. It may not be like how we wanted it to be but for sure these endings are for good sequels. No matter how bad the ending is it will always lead us to a sequel that will make us understand why the story has to end that way.

    When things need to end, adults would say, “one day you’ll be thankful why these things happened.” And slowly I understood why. But I don’t want to wait for that day just to say “thank you”. There are too many reasons why I should thank you. So let me start with…

    Thank you because…

    1. …you let me get you spoon and fork during lunch

    2. …you let me pile up the dishes for you after we eat

    3. …you let me bring you coffee

    4. ….you let me put hot sauce on your pizza

    5. …you let me take care of you when you’re sick and you take care of me when I feel under the weather

    6. …you let me grill some Korean barbecue for you on samgeopsal table

    7. …you let me tidy you up when you’re drunk

    8. …you walk me to the convenience store for a cup of coffee on lazy days

    9. …you hand me your jacket when it’s too cold

    10. …you play funny videos on a long drive to keep me awake

    11. …you open the door for me

    12. …you let me take care of you

    13. …for some time I felt like I was a choice

    There are too many little and big things that I want to thank you for. Maybe this is also the reason why mom like you so much. Besides the fact that you are a nice person, she knows that you make me happy. Thank you for making me happy by letting me give you a piece of me.

    But above all, I want to say thank you because I was reminded again how it felt to love without asking anything in return. To love just because I love you, not because of anything.

    I won’t thank you for breaking me just because you’re making me one step closer to my real love. But I will thank you because you made me realize that I was capable of looking past on flaws and mistakes. I was able to let go of the love I have in mind and appreciate the love that is in front of me. It’s not about the things that I wanted from you but it’s all about the things that I want to give you.

    And they were all true when they said that you can do a lot of things when you love. Even letting go.

    So here it is. To all the things I want to appreciate you for that I can’t put into words, to all the things I never knew I could do because of you, to all the love I’ve given you…thank you.



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