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6 Kinds of people you need to bring with you to Aliwan Fiesta


April 24, 2019

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    Yes! It’s that time of the year again that you’ll hear that chant…


    Time again to see colorful people from different parts of the Philippines walking along Vicente Sotto Street. And you just can’t help again but get your phone and capture Instagram-worthy photos!  And not to mention your taste buds craving for Vigan empanada and bagnet.

    It’s that colorful time of the year again for us Manileños! We are about to experience the Philippine festivals within three (3) days! A good summer treat besides the beach, right?

    But events like this will be more fun if you’ll do it with the people close to you. So maybe as you plan your itinerary for Aliwan Fiesta this year, you can tag these people with you:

    1. FAMBAM – summer is here and it’s a good time to have bond with the family. That’s a culture for us Filipinos, right? However, it’s not all the time that your schedules and means will permit. So, why not bring the fambam with you at Aliwan Fiesta? This is just in CCP Complex so for sure you don’t have to spend that much on deets. Go on a food trip at Shopper’s Bazaar and satisfy your taste buds with munchies from different parts of the Philippines!

    2. BARKADA – as the saying goes, “the more, the merrier!” Enjoy your favorite OPM artists with your besties on Pasakalye! You share the same kilig and hugot, anyway!

    3. BROKEN-HEARTED FRIEND – helping a BFF to get over a heart-break? Let him/her get all the entertainment he/she needs at Aliwan Fiesta! Give your friend’s heart a break from all the crying and struggles of moving on!

    4. SINGLE-AND-READY-TO-MINGLE FRIEND – you’ll never know what Aliwan Fiesta can bring you and your friend’s life! Maybe new friends or maybe new love? We’ll never know! Aliwan Fiesta is the place to be if you want to meet new people and hear new stories! Don’t be afraid, it’s a good time to meet different people from different walks of life!


    5. YOUR SOMEONE – it’s not your special day, but maybe you can include Aliwan Fiesta in your memory bank with your special someone, right? The grandest fiesta got your food trip, concert date, and IG-worthy photos! Your first step to #TravelGoals? Hihihi!

    And if you’re not yet convinced, you have to see this video:

    For more details about Aliwan Fiesta, you can check their page: Aliwan Fiesta Facebook Page




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