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5 Things mom always say that didn’t make sense until you became an adult

Adi Miguel and Jackie Cadimas, Intern

May 9, 2019


    Our moms have the same thoughts. They just differ in versions and tone. And they sounded so simple when we were younger that we don’t take them seriously. Those lines didn’t make sense until we all became adults and we need to face life on our own.

    “Kapag ako nawala, hindi ko na alam kung saan kayo pupulutin!”

    When she was teaching you how to do chores, she didn’t need another helping hand. She didn’t do it do get house work done right away, she did that because time will come, you’ll be on your own and no one will do things for you. She’s preparing you for the days that she won’t be by your side.

    “Papunta ka pa lang, nakailang pabalik-balik na ‘ko.”

    If she can get you exempted from pain or roller coaster ride of life, she will. And believe her when she said that she knows what you’re going through. As much as possible she doesn’t want you to experience the pain, mistakes, or struggles that she had. So, if there’s any way to help you and give you some heads up on what life has to offer, she’ll give it all to you. She loves you that much.

    Anong akala mo pinupulot ko lang ang pera?”

    She can spoil you with every little thing that you want. She can make ways just to provide all that you need and desire in this lifetime. That’s her power and that’s her will. But she also knows that she will won’t be around forever. She achieved life and love the hard way and that’s the reality. And this is what she’s telling you.

    “Kapag naging magulang ka na, maiintindihan mo rin.”

    VERY LEGIT! Some things that your mom said made real sense when you became an adult. But you’ll understand her heart beat when you become a parent. You’ll never understand her love until you wear her shoes.

     “Huwag kang mag-aksaya ng pagkain, maraming batang nagugutom”

    And you said, “Pagkinain ko ba ‘to mabubusog sila?” She’s only teaching you to appreciate what you have because not everyone is as fortunate as you are. And not everyone has a mom like you.

    She’s extraordinary. Sometimes she’s hilarious, sometimes she’s weird, or maybe sweet. She can be everything all at once and that makes her the best mom ever!


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