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5 Common struggles that you need to settle with your partner

Adi Miguel

August 20, 2015

  • No matter how couples get along with each other, there will always be a time in their relationship when they’ll see each others’ flaws. Sometimes these flaws will either make you or break you as person.

    There are struggles that you just have to accept while there are ones that you have to really raise so that you can settle it together. And let’s admit it, it’s not easy at all. Because there will always be issues that we are afraid to spit out because we might offend them.

    So, to help you, we made a list of five common struggles that (most probably), your partner wants to settle you with but they are afraid to raise…

    1. FAMILY
    You have to admit that you are a package. The moment you confirmed that you are “in a relationship” is also the same moment that you have accepted the package that both of you carries–ever since you were born–your family. His/her family’s questions about your degree, your work, your family, your salary, properties, plus their tactful comments to your answers are part of the package. Also, the feeling that his/her parents are being emotional on your first meeting. It is all part of the package.

    But there’s more. You don’t only to get to see them once. There are visits at home, dinner out, family reunions that you are required to attend; and every time you go with your partner, the mom never failed to give you life and love lessons in front of all their relatives. Honestly, it’s kind of tiring. Please, guys. Be sensitive if your partner is already embarrassed.



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    She has a guy best friend. He has a girl best friend.

    We know that before you guys got together your best friends are already there. But can we just have a little consideration and stop making your partner feel that your BFF should be at your position?

    Your partner knows that your best friend really knew a lot about you than him/her. And that you can’t take away your best friend from your life. But maybe we can consider each others’ feelings. It’s kind of awkward to say nothing on a dinner out because you two are reminiscing too much about your high school memories!

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    No one wants to do something with full effort and feels unappreciated. So please, lessen that “Thank you” with poker face. And saying, “You should have not done that it’s too expensive” or “…that’s too much.” Ugh! Please! Can you just hug or kiss your partner?

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    The struggle is real! Please know that we are still individuals who got different interests and different friends and series to watch and books to read and a lot more! Please, stop being a parent. Your partner knows what to do. They know that you care. But sometimes you are over-acting! You have the right to know where he/she is going and who are the people your partner will be with on a Friday night but stop prohibiting him/her from having life. And if the other wants to stay at home on a Friday night, let your love watch that series until dawn or read that book. Your better-half doesn’t need another mom or dad. His/her parents are enough.

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    For guys, it’s okay to exchange SMS and chat with her on Facebook all at the same time with different topics. It’s okay to even pick her up every day. It’s okay unless she feels like she can’t breathe anymore. There are times that girls wanted to be with other girls and venture into a life that they have. They want to walk alone. They sometimes want silent phones and silent Facebook chat boxes. It’s not they do not want you. It’s just that, she has a beautiful life and you’re part of it. Also, she fears over familiarity because she knows that when you get tired of each other it’s heading nowhere.

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    Girls! Your PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome)! Guys’ struggles are becoming real every month! It shouldn’t be automatic that guys should make adjustments for your unstable emotions. Girl, overcome that PMS. And please, let him know so that he’ll understand and help you survive it. You shouldn’t let that syndrome overcome you. Because you won’t get rid of that until you’re around 45. Don’t let your partner struggle.

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    Relationships, though cliché, is always a give-and-take process. And when the struggle is becoming real you just have to sit down and talk and settle your issues.


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