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4 things third-wheelers won’t tell you

Adi Miguel

September 6, 2018



    In every movie, there’s always the main role and the supporting role. Just like in every relationship, there’s the couple and there’s that one person who is their number one fan or number one go-to person. He/she can be the best friend of the girlfriend or the boyfriend. But whatever is his/her role in their lives as long as he/she is always with the couple that person is called the “third-wheel”. And not all the time he/she gets in between or disrupts the couple’s alone time, but he/she is just there to make the relationship more fun, maybe. Hehehe!

    But have you ever thought that third-wheelers want to be the main role too in a love story? Sometimes they also want to stop third-wheeling and they want to be third-wheel-ed to. And even if you see them having fun and all with their role in people’s lives, they surely have thoughts that they do not tell people‚Ķespecially the couple.

    “It’s awkward when you fight in front of me.”

    Promise, they do not want to be there when a couple fight is arising. They sometimes wish that they’ll be gone in an instant or an act of nature will suddenly be there just to get rid of that situation. But because they’re the president of the fan’s club (hahahaha) and because they are already there they can’t do anything but just play as if they don’t see or hear anything. Like, life goes on! However, if the third-wheeler is kind of tough he/she sometimes gets in between and let the couple know that he/she exists so that they’ll stop fighting. Well, it will always depend on the fight’s gravity. After all, that person is always the couple’s best friend.

    “I don’t know what to do when you’re too mushy or start making out.”

    Just like when couples fight, they also don’t know what to do when you’re starting to be all over each other. On moments like this, they do not know if they should exit or join the couple! Hahahahahaha!

    “Sometimes I don’t want to join you guys.”

    There are moments that third-wheelers want to have a life more than around the couple. It’s not that they do not enjoy their company, but they just want to try other company too. And third-wheelers don’t often recognize that they need this too. They sometimes become so satisfied to be with the couple that they get so attached and they don’t make a life anymore. Not really a good sign. How can they get out of the job if they are okay with it? Well, unless they really want the job.

    “Lagi na lang ba ‘kong third-wheel?”

    As much as they enjoy being a third-wheeler and love the fact that they’re almost professional about it, they also want their own love story. They also want to experience being third-wheel-ed to. Actually, even if not. Even if they won’t say, they dream of having the main role. They’re also tired of just being the support. From afar, they’re also asking the universe when will the role end. From afar, they are dreaming to meet the love of their life and not to be in awkward situations anymore. Even if they are irritated with the way their couple friends fight, they also look forward to be fighting with someone. When they get annoyed with their friends being all over each other, deep inside them they wish to have somebody to lean on and be clingy to them too.



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