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19 Reasons why you’re not falling in love this year

G. Balagtas

January 11, 2019


    Not that you are hopeless with love already. Not that you don’t want to be with someone anymore and found total dependence in yourself. Not that you are not believing in romance anymore.

    It’s just that—

    ..you are done trying, chasing, looking for, getting attached then getting left behind.

    And as another year comes you realized that maybe it’s time to choose yourself. This time it’s real. This time you’re focusing on yourself and what makes you whole. This time you are not telling anyone, but you are just redirecting your heart and mind.

    This is it.

    You don’t want to fall in love again…

    Until you are ready to share your favorite food.

    Until you are ready to sacrifice the window side on plane and bus rides.

    Until you are confident with your flabs, cellulites, and stripes.

    Until you are not afraid to be alone anymore in all circumstances.

    Until you accept that you are never going to be perfect, but you are enough.

    Until you realize that you are made of lightning and storms, but your heart has rays and you are a sunshine.

    Until you recognize that you are not the hardest to love.

    Until you become kind not only to others but especially to yourself.

    Until you achieve things for yourself and not for anybody else.

    Until you realize that you are complete with few friends and family who genuinely love you even if they see unlovable things in you.

    Until you don’t give up on yourself anymore.

    Until you bounce back in life twice after whatever has broken you.

    Until you see yourself picking up the broken pieces of you. Not that no one is going to pick them up for you but because you can do it by yourself.

    Until you see yourself trusting your guts, your will, and even what you know.

    Until you know your savings are enough to buy gifts and eat in an expensive resto.

    Until you can manage your time because you are going “home”.

    Until you’re done squeezing yourself in tables that you have to bring your chair.

    Until you’re done proving that you deserve a place in someone’s life.

    Until you know how to love yourself more than others can.

    You’re not actually afraid to fall in love. You just want to love yourself more and realize that no one would pick up the broken you and fix yourself after a long fight but yourself. That no matter how many times you’ve found home in other people, yourself is the only home you’d always go back to.

    Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s this year and the years to come. Maybe the love that you’re waiting for this year will really come from you.



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