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13 friendship lessons you’ll learn in your mid-20s

Adi Miguel

October 11, 2018

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    Friendships, just like any other relationships, grow overtime. It only depends if it grows up or grows apart. But whatever it is, we always learn lessons. Lessons that we bring in our new relationships or lessons that change our perspectives.

    1. Friendships have different levels of intimacy and that’s okay.

    There will be just plainly friends, close friends, best friends, soulmates, or you define it. The thing is, your relationship with people has no generic level. You’re the only one who can define it. And you must remember that this can’t be forced. Time will tell the depths of your relationship with that person.

    2. There are friends in good times only but that doesn’t make your friendship unreal.

    Again, friendships have different levels of intimacy. When you’re in your mid-20s you’ll be able to recognize who are your friends in good times only. And that’s okay. That doesn’t mean that they are not good for you. It’s just that you know their boundaries in your life. You just know the depth of your relationship and that’s until good laugh, drunk hearts, parties, travels, and YOLO-moments.

    3. High school is forever…but not for all.

    Just like what they say, your high school friends are your forever friends because they know your roots and they accepted you for who you were, who you are, and who you can become. They are the people you wanted to grow old with because time has tested you and you survived. Well, sana all. But it’s not always like that. People change from time to time. People find new people along the way and you’ll realize that your high school friends didn’t hop in. And it’s okay. Remember, you don’t have to force the people who are meant for you.

    4. If you find your soulmates in your mid-20s, keep them.

    You’ll meet people who has the same wavelength as yours; people who gets you and sees every good in you, and vice versa. They are yours to keep. These are the people you just love no matter what. People you remember in the littlest things. They are they people you are so transparent with. Your siblings from another mother—people who eventually became family. They are fewer than few. No one will tell you who. You are the only one who can tell that.

    5. You are not required to have friends at your workplace.

    But it’s always wise to build connections and networks. At work, it’s not who you get chummy with. It’s all about good working relationships with the people around you. You don’t have to go on a coffee date or staycation. You just have to work better together for a good output. And if you get to have chums inside your company, it doesn’t have to be many. You just need a few trusted ones.

    6. Don’t count too much on people you’ve been with for a long time.

    Because once they fail you it will hurt big time. Don’t expect too much. The people who knows you so much can still hurt you and it really, really hurts when they do. You must distinguish the people you can count on. Or better yet, don’t expect too much on people.

    7. Give friendships a chance.

    In your mid-20s you’ll experience friendships that grows apart. That’s okay. Again, real friendships are not forced. Remember, it’s only you who will know if your friendship will stand a chance. If it’s meant to be it will be.

    8. Romantic relationships can get in the way of friendships.

    And sometimes they cause distance between friends and that’s okay. That’s only a phase. Well, sana all. You just have to accept so that it won’t hurt that much. But if it’s possible, maybe you can make ways for this not to happen.

    9. Don’t be afraid to let new people come in to your life.

    Don’t close your doors to new friends just because you know that they are enough for you. Let the universe do its move in your relationships. Some people coming in your life has always something to offer. It will always depend on you and how much you’re opening to new people coming your way. Welcome new friendships.

    10. Authentic friendships are not all-over social media.

    This is so proven and tested.

    11. Friends support friends.

    Good or bad. Happy or sad.

    12. Low-key friendships are the deepest and most authentic ones.

    You don’t have to display and let your friendship known to everyone. If it’s true, that’s enough.

    13. It’s okay to cut-off friends and it’s not easy.

    But if you must, just do it. Especially if you’re doing it for yourself. Though you know that this will really be a heart break.


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