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10 Scary relationship stories of all time

Adi Miguel

October 30, 2018


    Sad to say, not all relationships come go straight to happily ever after. Well, real-life romantic relationships are not like fairy tales where the prince rescues the princess and the story goes on.

    IRL, relationships have more horror stories than romantic ones. Well, we all wanted the latter but relationships go through real shits and you just have to go through it and survive it in the name of love. *wink*

    And here are just the few scary relationship stories of all time…

    1. SOMEONE CHEATED – this is an old story we all know and always hear but every time we get into it, we’re still surprised. There was even a time when storytellers are producing stories in the perspective of the third party. So you see, this story is not new but over time people have given it different perspectives and have justified it. We can’t say that this is inevitable because it’s not. This is the kind of relationship story that we do not want to experience. We’d rather accept the fact that people fall out of love than know that someone is better than us in terms of affection, care, or sex.

    2. “IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME” STORY – and there was a time that we value the importance of being whole as a person before getting into a relationship. People have figured out that they can’t love other people unless they love their selves. This is the story that we can’t do anything or work out. When we hear this reason, we would just let go. This kind of story usually occurs when the relationship happens before they have figured out their real selves. When someone in the relationship has figured out that his/her whole life already became about the relationship that they have and not about their personal selves anymore. However, stories like this have the chance to get plot twists. Just when they are in the journey of making their selves whole they’ll meet somebody who was there in their down lows. You know, the famous Popoy line, “She had me at my worst, you had me at my best…”

    3. SOMEONE LOVES THE FAMILY MORE – very teleserye but our culture as Filipinos are very prone to this. Someone in the relationship do not want to fail the family. Family over everything and whatever their family wants they also want even if it’s not what their heart beats for.

    4. SOMEONE CHOOSES CAREER OVER LOVE – millennials are very prone to this kind of story. They are innately career-oriented and some of them would choose security for their future than love. Some relationships fall under this kind of story due to imbalance of work and life. In some stories, someone falls in love with their goals and achieving them that they forget to live the life and love the people meant for them.

    5. SOMEONE ENJOYED SINGLEHOOD TOO MUCH – some relationships do not workout because someone got so used on being single that the other half can’t accept and can’t adjust. Well, in real sense it only takes adjustment to resolve this kind of story so that it will end up in a happily ever after. However, someone in the relationship or both of them are not willing to adjust to make things work accordingly. The reason “nasanay kasi akong mag-isa” has become an excuse that justifies why the relationship didn’t work out.

    6. SOMEONE IS NOT HAPPY ANYMORE – happily ever after do not pursue because someone along the way became unhappy and discontent. Someone looked for more. Someone is just staying for companionship and not because they wanted it. Someone is still holding on because they just got used with each other. But they are not growing, they are becoming unhappy.

    7. SOMEONE FELL OUT OF LOVE – this kind of story usually happens to married couple. When the kilig is over, when companionship is the only factor that stay, someone has fallen out of love. But some surpasses this stage because they know how to revive the kilig in their heart and some anticipated this stage and braved it.

    8. SOMEONE JUST GOT AWAY – one of the usual love stories we’ve heard and one of the most scariest. It’s like everything’s working out well and you guys are each others’ soul mates but along the way something went wrong. Someone did not fight or someone thinks that it was not worth fighting for. And left them with so many questions, so many doubts, so many “what ifs”.

    9. SOMEONE GOT GHOSTED – that feeling when everything’s going out fine and the relationship is smooth sailing then all of a sudden, someone left without an explanation. Someone left with so much questions. Someone left without a trace. And someone in the relationship has to move on because if not life will live her in the middle of misery.

    10. SOMEONE FELL IN LOVE WITHOUT THE OTHER ONE KNOWING IT – this is the story of martyrdom. When one falls in love while the other person do not know it. Every person fears this kind of story in their life. But just like what love pros said, “When you really love you do not ask for anything in return. Because when you do that’s not love anymore.” And when they get hurt they just have to move on or still love from afar.


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