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What slows down your productivity?

March 21st, 2019

  • Coffee Break

    Internet or social media




    Unconsciously, there are things that keep you from being productive at work. These are the unimportant things that rob you from completing and finishing your tasks. Or maybe, makes you produce low-quality work.

    Better be aware of them and try to get away from it before it’s too late.


    Well, coffee breaks are really part of the office culture. However, unconsciously, we spend more time having coffee because sometimes we do it with our colleagues. Then we get stuck in between conversations. So basically, we’re consuming working hours with non-work-related stuff.

    Making or getting your coffee can be done in 20 minutes. If you get stuck in between chit-chats, you can always excuse yourself.


    Proven and tested. The more we loiter on social media, the more we become unproductive. Limit yourself from browsing your social media accounts on work hours. You can always check them on breaks. Try to access them only if it’s necessary for work. Tip: turn off your social media notifications that do not involve work. It will help you from checking your accounts every now and then.


    It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. Sometimes multi-taking can help us fast track things. However, if you do it and it’s unnecessary you don’t get to focus. The result can be having a low-quality output. Do things one at a time so you can focus on it. This will help you to build a good performance and makes you reliable.


    Working on a messy desk or untidy workplace can slow down your productivity. It is not time efficient. Instead of getting things from specific places, you have to look for them everywhere.

    Having an organized workplace can exempt you from spending time just to get files or documents needed. It pays to be organized!


    Noise can slow down your progress because sometimes it’s hard to focus. Especially if you are in a space where a lot of people are there, and a lot of things are happening. It’s really hard to focus when you hear a lot of things.

    One of the things that can help you zone out and focus is to put your earphones on and listen to light songs just like the songs that we on 96.3 Easy Rock. Listen to us: http://www.easyrock.com.ph/listen-live/


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