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How to deal with a horrible boss

March 14th, 2019

  • Build a good relationship

    Understand and learn how to work around them

    Communicate with others

    Speak up

    Focus on yourself

    No matter how much a team player you are or how well you treat your co-workers and colleagues, there will always be someone who ruins the harmony of your working environment by tripping the potential of others to elevate his/herself.

    Here are the ways in dealing with a horrible boss if you ever meet one in your workplace.


    Even you dislike the attitude of your boss, your work ethics and performance should be unaffected by it. Having respect and good relationship with the people in your workplace is important to be able to produce a good output. Be professional in dealing with such kind of person, stay calm and follow proper procedure like filing complaints at the HR. At the end of the day, it is your performance that matters to your career.


    You should know your boss deeper to understand why he/she acts like that. You should know his/her likes and dislikes relating to work, his/her considerations in decision-making and his/her work ethics. Through that, you’ll be able to discern whether you are already crossing his/her boundaries, and speak his/her language. However, use this advantage for the benefit of the job and the output, and not to manipulate them for your own good.


    Develop relationship with other people whom you can share your struggles in the work place. It can be a friend, a family member, someone from a different department of your company (make sure that this person can be trusted), or a professional counselor from your company. It is ideal to have a mentor within the company for he/she knows the workplace’s system very well. He/she can give you advice, guidance and support you if you ever decide to take legal actions.


    Speak up rather than suffer in silence. Don’t be afraid to address your concerns to him/her privately and make sure not to respond with anger. Don’t be entitled with your approach but be polite instead. At least give him/her a chance to reply or change his/her attitude. By doing so, both of you are building trust and respect with each other, and becoming more open to suggestions.


    If you have done all the things you could do to work harmoniously with your boss but hasn’t resulted to any change, it’s time to focus on yourself. Your mental and emotional health are as important as your career. If your boss still makes you feel worthless, incompetent and takes all the blames for his/her mistakes, it is time for you to get out of the situation, you won’t be able to produce good output in such mental and emotional state anyway. Take time to rest and breathe, you don’t need to sacrifice your health and self-esteem for a company who doesn’t value their employees.



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