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5 Things you should not forget to do

November 9th, 2018

  • See the good in everything!

    Love the present you!

    Go outside!

    Give time to do what you love.

    Be brave!

    We brave a lot of things everyday. We face a lot of questions, decision-making, discussions, and routines. But despite all the things that keep us busy and filled we must not forget to breathe a little. Here are five (5) of the few things that you should not forget to do to keep you going everyday.

    1. SEE THE GOOD IN EVERYTHING – there’s always good in everything. It may not be given to you right away. But if you’ll just look for it, you’ll find it. Most of the time, your heart says it.

    2. LOVE THE PRESENT YOU – change is good especially if it’s for the better. But don’t forget to love the present you because it went through a lot before it reaches where it is at the moment.

    3. GO OUTSIDE – and smell the flowers. Take time to unplug from the internet and wander, do the leg work, do things manually. Or maybe, go outside just to breathe and let the sun sting you for a while or play under the rain. It’s okay to be less adult sometimes.

    4. GIVE TIME TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE – it’s very important that once in a while you do what you really love. You are fortunate if you’re getting paid for doing what you love. But if not, it’s okay, just make sure that you still do what your heart beats for. Yep, even if that means baking cookies!

    5. BE BRAVE – on good or bad situations, just be brave. You don’t know where your bravery can take you.


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