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Alisah Bonaobra secures spot in X-Factor UK

J.G. Taruc

October 10th, 2017

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    Photo credit: RTE

    Aspiring Filipina singer Alisah Bonaobra has secured her X-Factor UK spot after her powerful performance in the Six Chair Challenge according to

    Alisah, 22, who instantly became the crowd favorite wowed the judges with her own rendition of Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’, earning her spot in the final six.

    However, Bonaobra’s X Factor UK journey was cut short when Osbourne decided to give the final spot to Grace Davies after getting Cowell’s attention.

    After Osbourne’s shocking decision, the crowd started to chant Bonaobra’s name, prodding Osbourne to bring back the Filipina singer. Sharon then called Alisah back at the stage to do a sing-off with fellow contestants Scarlett Lee and Raielle who already won their spots in the final six.

    “I am so sorry to make you do this. But what do I do when there’s so much talent here and the audience, I have to listen to the audience. No matter what, I have two chairs and three girls. I want you to do a sing off for me. You are all talented. Don’t forget that,” Osbourne said.

    Lee, Raielle and Bonaobra battled head to head wherein Bonaobra performed Jessie J’s hit ‘Bang Bang’ that showcased her rap skills.

    In the end, Osbourne gave the spots to Raielle and Bonaobra to complete her final six.


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