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Write your compliments on a plate

Romar Fernando

November 8th, 2018

  • Chives Restaurant

    Photo Credit: Gadget Magazine

    There are times that we extremely love what we are eating in a restaurant or food stalls. On the other hand, it sometimes requires us to ask for an evaluation sheets for a poor quality of food or service that we have experienced.

    In this restaurant, owners have a creative way of asking their customers about their food experience and quality of service they had in their business.

    The restaurant which promotes the creative way of asking comments from customers through writing on plates is Chives Bistro and Market.

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    Chives is considerably new in the industry. They started in 2016 and a joint venture of Cruz and Solis families. Their location is EM Gems Building, L. Sumulong, Circumferential Road, San Roque, Antipolo City.

    According to them, the name was derived from a common ingredient in cooking that display a vibrant green colour. This colour symbolizes freshness.

    Their chef, from the Cruz family, usually get their supply of green ingredients from the Tahanang Walang Hagdan, a social institution located in Cainta, Rizal where persons with disabilities do all the planting.

    When you visit their restaurant in Antipolo City, there is always a tranquil vibe to welcome you. The relaxing ambiance of the place will surely invite you to eat with peace.

    Almost all the materials used in constructing the ambient vibe in the restaurant is made of recycled materials. The floor tiles consisting of Mediterranean designs that randomly placed from the door to the middle of the place.

    They serve food in Filipino made wooden handicrafts like plates and small pans. They also serve drinks in mason jars.


    Their menu consists of combined Asian and European with the curation of the chef.

    Three dishes were notably hit, which are good in taste and especially done for you.

    First, is the Roasted Chicken with Ratatouille.

    This is one of their best sellers and you can appreciate it with the ratatouille that can stand on its own. It is best with their juicy chicken with rice pilaf.


    Next, is the Grilled Salmon with Putanesca.

    It is simply a salmon steak with grilled asparagus, crispy capers pesto and rice pilaf. It is best with putanesca sauce, an Italian sauce for pasta.


    Lastly, the Beef Salpicao.

    Sirloin is served with garlic crisp and togarashi that will put spice to the tender beef and bountiful taste to the sauce. It is stuffed with shiitake and shiimeji, an edible mushroom native in some parts of East Asia.


    Before you go, don’t forget to write your compliments, comments and suggestions on the plates that you can request to them.

    Tell the chef and the staff that you love all that you eat. Of course, if you have suggestions, they will welcome it with positivity that will change your next experience to them.


    Those plates, and yours might be included, are being displayed on the walls of the restaurant.



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