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Substitutes for your 1K Siling Labuyo

Romar Fernando

September 21st, 2018

  • Your favorite cayenne pepper or what so called siling labuyo is reaching the peak of its price, approximately PhP 1,000.00 per kilogram.


    So, if you’re a lover of spicy foods and almost everything you eat is seasoned with chili peppers, maybe this is the proper time that you might avoid your chili habits and tight up your budget for much urgent needs and supplies in your kitchen.

    What can we do? Let’s look for solutions! Let’s look for alternatives!

    First in the list is Paprika.


    Photo credit: Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

    Most of us don’t know that paprika has chili pepper elements. Its spice can range from mild to decently spicy near to the cayenne pepper taste. Paprika can be mixed in dishes and in other spices as well. Just be careful, because too much paprika can slightly change the taste of a dish as a whole.


    Photo credit: HerbaZest

    According to Chef Nirmal Monterio, oregano is flavorsome herb that even pizza, pasta and soups need a pinch of it. Fresh oregano leaves have a spicy and pungent smell.

    Oregano is commonly used in Mediterranean and Southwestern cooking as spice. Also, oregano spice is one of the key flavors in Italy for their popular pizzas. It is also used in meat, sausages, salads, dressings, and stews.


    Photo Credit: Dragon Web

    Black pepper is one of the most common spices used in the world. This kind of spice originates from western India. It is also called as “King of Spices.”

    There is a distinct earthiness to the flavor of black pepper, one that is sharp all the time. It has also a unique pungent taste and is both biting and hot palettes. It can give you a nice kick; flavorful and surge of spiciness.

    While your siling labuyo make you down because of its price way up high, why don’t you try these alternatives? At least you can save such amounts from your weekly and monthly budget.


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