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MARKET CAFE: A Round-trip From East to West

Adi Miguel

September 30th, 2015

  • Market Cafe at New World Manila Bay
    Market Cafe at New World Manila Bay

    Have a little bit of everything in a plate and for sure it’s a riot of taste. But when you enter Market Cafe at New World Manila Bay you’re in a colorful riot–a mixture of culture from both ends of the world.

    Market Cafe offers cuisine from east to west with interactive show kitchen and live cooking, which makes the restaurant a trend-setter in Manila’s local dining scene.

    Along with the new management of Market Cafe is its new products and menu. Ivan Chieregatti, executive chef, said that their team’s whole attention is on new products done through proper techniques.

    Market Cafe's Executive Chef
    Market Cafe’s Executive Chef, Ivan Chieregatti

    The premier restaurant offers dishes in a very creative manner. Not only aesthetically but also through its taste. One might think that he’s getting the usual serve until his tongue gets a piece of their must-taste entrée.

    Such as their kimchi pizza. If you’re not a fan of kimchi better dare yourself to taste theirs because it’s the beginning of your love story with Korea’s favorite spice.

    Market Cafe - Kimchi Pizza
    Italy and Korea in one!

    With Market Cafe’s experiment on the Italian dish and Korean ingredient you’ll get to enjoy Asia and Europe in a bite. Match it with their signature drink, Guava Iced Tea, you’ll surely have a new favorite laid-back food.

    Market Cafe - Guava Iced Tea
    Market Cafe’s signature drink, Guava Iced Tea

    Market Cafe’s Guava Iced Tea is very Pinoy and very flexible. It goes well with different dishes just how Filipinos can blend into various cultures.

    Usual Filipino dishes were also included in the buffet such as Afritada, Adobong Pusit sa Gata, Pansit, and our ever favorite Adobo.

    Believe it or not, their Adobo has something that would make you doubt your mom’s cooking of the dish. The soy sauce and vinegar were balanced–the perfect blend of your usual viand.

    But Market Cafe went through series of process before they found the perfect Adobo to serve their guests. Chef Ivan said that all their chefs got the chance to cook Adobo and they tasted which one should be presented to the market.

    Market Cafe Adobo
    The Adobo with a pinch of magic from Maket Cafe’s chef for Asian station!

    And if you love desserts, they just got something for you! As they say, never leave Market Cafe without trying their mochi balls with white chocolate inside. By the way, it’s perfect with cappuccino.

    Market Cafe - Mochi Balls with White Chocolate

    Market Cafe - Cappuccino
    For your last stretch at Market Cafe!

    The executive chef also mentioned that 70% of their dishes were done through its traditional ingredients and procedures. While 30% is creativity; where the artistic side of their chefs fall into. Their main goal is to always serve something unusual to their guests.

    Despite its cross-cultural flavors, Market Cafe didn’t fail to establish a cozy, relaxing and modern Filipino ambiance. As you enter, array of fruit and vegetable baskets will welcome you. They were designed by Hong Kong-based, world-renowned Bilkey Llinas Design.

    Market Cafe is perfect for foodies who wants to venture on new tastes without taking the plane. You can now jaunt from east to west through your plate at Market Cafe at New World Manila Bay.


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