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Keep yourself hydrated this summer with these mouth-watering fruits

Romar Fernando

March 5th, 2019


    Most probably, in few days or few weeks time, PAG ASA weather bureau will announce the official start of the dry season or the most awaited summer.

    Being hydrated, most especially during summer season, is vital and essential to a healthy and fully functioning body system. It is given that our bodies are made of 60% water which is responsible for transporting oxygen althroughout our body. And of course, knowing our own realities, drinking lots of water is a big challenge for us!

    That’s why most of us are already planning where to go and what to eat during the whole length summer season for us to remain comfortable and healthy while the heat is extreme.

    Most of the time, we cling into fruits! Yes, tropical fruits as we call it. We, Filipinos tend to prepare tropical fruits which are rich in water content. Because of their water content, it can be a substitute to water.

    Watermelon are almost 92% water to be exact. This refreshing fruit contains beta-carotene, lycopene and vitamin C.

    Another that comprised of 92% water are strawberries. It can offer antioxidants and folate that helps lowering of blood sugar.

    Composed of 90% water, cantaloupe or commonly known as melon, contains as much potassium as one banana. Potassium is responsible also for hydration.

    One of our favorite, pineapples! This one of the most juicy fruits is made up of 87% water and packed with bromelain, an enzyme that contains anti-inflammatory benefits.

    Oranges are perfect workout snack! It is comprised of 87% water and 100% of the daily recommended vitamin C for our body.

    Enjoy every treat from these mouth-watering fruits. Be creative enough to keep hydrated!


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