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Instant noodles to fix broken stuff?

Romar Fernando

May 22nd, 2019


    Screenshot: Mr Satisfying Youtube Channel

    Have you ever been sick of broken things inside your home? Oftentimes, what are your solutions? Maybe most of us will go directly to hard ware stores and home depots in order that all broken in our homes will be easily replaced.

    But, different from this viral video on Twitter.

    A mysterious man from an Asian country is using uncooked ramen instant noodles in fixing broken stuff in their home.

    In the video, one great example is the way this man fixes the broken sink in the bathroom. Instead of removing the sink and buy for replacement, this man cracks the instant noodles. Then, put it within the holes of the broken part of the sink. Seemingly, intact and there should be no space in between. He pours some kind of adhesive on the salty mass of noodles and used it with chisel in order to be smoothened. Just like any other works, the last part will be the finishing touch, he paints it with the matching color and takes some moments to spray some covering layer for protection.

    Surprisingly, he does this same procedure with a whole on the table. The same process goes also to table displays, ceramic bowl, and even a car bumper.

    The architecture and humor account “Arquitettando” found to be its source on Instagram. Someone shared it to Twitter and now more than 10 million people viewed the video.

    Now, netizens ask, “Is this for real?” “What kind of adhesive is he using?” “Why did he still using the seasoning flavor?” And finally, “What happens when someone pours or runs hot water into it?”

    So, noodle lovers? Wanna try this one?



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